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Anupamaa: What secret ploy are Vanraj, Barkhaa and Maaya are a part of?

Will Anuj ever speak out the truth before everyone?

Anupamaa: What secret ploy are Vanraj, Barkhaa and Maaya are a part of?
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  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 04.03 AM, May 21, 2023

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The day starts off with Anuj showing his concern towards Maaya, asking about her health condition. That’s when Maaya asks Anuj about what he was talking to Anupamaa and whether he will ever leave her (Maaya). Anuj, being the thorough gentleman that he is, says that there is nothing that she needs to worry about and that she really needs to take care of her health. 

Seeing Anuj’s concern towards Maaya puts everyone in a confused state, esp. Anupamaa, who feels furthermore bad when chhoti Anu calls her ‘Maa’ and enquires about her health. Seizing the opportunity, Vanraj tells Anupamaa to stay back in the Shah House. To which, she says that she will go to her house. That’s when Vanraj gets a text message on his phone by a lady (mostly Barkhaa) asking whether Anuj has told ‘everything’ to Anupamaa. To which, Vanraj said he doesn’t think so and tells the sender to go with the flow.

The very moment Anuj enters his Kapadia House, all the memories about Anupamaa start flowing in his mind. Barkhaa, being the typical Barkhaa that she is, asks Maaya if she would like to stay in the guest room or with Anuj in his room, in place of Anupamaa. To which, Anuj replies that, just like before, Maaya will be staying in the guest room. That’s when Ankush tells Anuj that, come what may, he will not allow him to go back from his house now. 

Hearing this, Barkha and Adhik feel extremely miserable. Their miseries further increase when Ankush tells Anuj that, after Samar’s wedding, he should take charge of the empire and also look into all the accounts as well.

Meanwhile, at the Shah House, everyone is getting ready for Samar’s wedding. Anupamaa, on the other hand, is gearing herself for a ‘dhamaakedaar’ dance performance. Amidst all this, when Kaavya enters the room, Kinjal and Samar request her to stay back till the wedding. To this, Vanraj tells everyone not to force Kaavya and let her come and go on her own will.

SPOILER ALERT: The upcoming episode will see that when Anuj and Anupamaa coincidentally meet each other on the road, she asks him to complete the incomplete story that he was about to tell before Maaya barged in the room. That’s when Anuj tells her that he wants to tell her everything and that he just cannot live in a suffocated state like that.