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Anupamaa Written Update 19 August, 2023: Kaavya politely schools Dimpy while Anupama sees Adhik SLAPPING Paakhi!

While Kaavya politely schools Dimpy about relationships, Anupama sees Adhik SLAPPING Paakhi!

Anupamaa Written Update 19 August, 2023: Kaavya politely schools Dimpy while Anupama sees Adhik SLAPPING Paakhi!
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Last Updated: 07.58 AM, Aug 19, 2023


The day starts off with Dimpy telling Kinjal (assuming that it was Samar) that she had waited the last night for dinner, but he did not turn up. And when she realises that it was Kinjal and not Samar, she feels awkward. That’s when Kinjal takes out a box of food and tells Dimpy that Baa had sent for her so that she need not skip breakfast. While giving this, Kinjal also advises about the importance of relationships to Dimpy. Seeing all this, Dimpy becomes at a total loss of words.

On the other hand, just as everyone is enjoying their family time, Kaavya gets a message on her phone. After reading the message, Kaavya tells everyone that she needs to leave as she has some urgent and unavoidable work. And when Baa probes her about the work, she lands up saying that she has to go for her sonography tests. Hearing this, Baa and Babuji insist that Vanraj should actually accompany her. And when they tell Vanraj to do so, he hands over the keys to Kaavya and tells her to drive alone to the clinic. He also excuses himself for not going to the clinic alongwith her.

Seeing this strange behaviour, Baa and Babuji are left with many questions unanswered. Amidst all this, when Kaavya picks up the car keys and leaves for the clinic for her sonography, a concerned Vanraj too goes after her.

Meanwhile, in the Kapadia House, Anuj tells Anupamaa that he deliberately handed over the new project to Paakhi in front of Barkhaa and Adhik. And when Paakhi is getting ready for work, there enters an extremely ego-hurt Adhik, who shouts at her stating that she need not be proud thinking that she will be his boss in the new project. He also ‘clarifies’ that Anuj had given her the new project not because of her talent, but because she happens to be the daughter of Anupamaa.

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When the heated argument is taking place between Paakhi and Adhik in their bedroom, Romil happens to pass by that place and he lands up seeing the couple fighting. Seizing this opportunity, he plans to get even with Adhik and Paakhi by telling Anupama to find out whether Paakhi was tensed up as he had seen her in an extremely tensed up mood. And when Anupamaa reaches Paakhi and Adhik’s bedroom, she sees the latter raising his hand on the former to slap her. Seeing Adhik slap Paakhi, Anupamaa screams out loud Adhik’s name.

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