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Anupamaa Written Update August 16, 2023: Anuj SLAPS Romil in front of Anupamaa and Ankush! Deets here!

Anuj slaps Romil hard and shouts at him in front of Anupamaa and Ankush!

Anupamaa Written Update August 16, 2023: Anuj SLAPS Romil in front of Anupamaa and Ankush! Deets here!
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Last Updated: 07.17 AM, Aug 16, 2023


The day starts off with an extremely shocked and agitated Anuj stopping the house party that had been organised by his brother’s son Romil. Speaking of Romil, Anuj and Anupama see him in a completely inebriated state. And when Anuj pulls off the plug from the speaker in order to stop the blaring music, it angers a completely intoxicated Romil. Seeing Anuj pulling off the plug from the speaker, Romil gets angry and pushes Anuj.

And when Anupama tries to intervene, Romil lands up abusing her. Needless to say, this infuriates Anuj, who slaps him hard. Seeing this, Ankush comes to Romil’s rescue, which further angers Anuj. Seeing all the drama and commotion, Anuj orders everyone to get out of his house. And he also shows his concerned although not directly) when he warns everyone to go home by cab or by walk and not to drive home, since all of the young people were intoxicated.

On the other hand, Toshu holds Samar’s hand and brings him before their father Vanraj Shah as he wanted to speak something important to him. Just as when they start talking, Dimpy becomes extremely suspicious about their conversation as she was not called by Toshu or Vanraj Shah. Seeing a helpless Samar in front of his eyes, an extremely emotional Vanraj Shah asks him about his well being and also lands up apologising to him in case he had spoken anything against his wife Dimpy. At the same time, Babuji also explains the unacknowledged role of a father in every child’s life.

Anuj, then, turns towards Romil and not just shouts at him for drinking alcohol, but also asks him for the number of the person who had dared to supply alcohol to him and that too in a dry state. He also adds that he will ensure that he will land up cancelling his license. After that, he looks at Ankush and tells him that, for the only fact that he is his elder brother, he (Anuj) is still holding onto his anger. In the same breath, he also tells him that, by drinking and coming under the influence of alcohol, he is not only spoiling his present, but also his and his friends’ future as well.

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