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Anupamaa Written Update August 7, 2023: Guru Maa Malti Devi plays YET ANOTHER game against Anupamaa

What exactly is Guru Maa Malti Devi’s ulterior motive against Anupama is what everyone is thinking about

Anupamaa Written Update August 7, 2023: Guru Maa Malti Devi plays YET ANOTHER game against Anupamaa
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Last Updated: 08.24 AM, Aug 07, 2023


The day starts off with Kaavya apologising to the unborn child stating that, even though the world may not be with the child, she will still stand by the child. She also tells the unborn child not to get angry at Vanraj, as he is angry with her and her actions. On the other hand, Barkhaa starts throwing around the household things in order to take out her anger and frustration.

Meanwhile, Samar and Dimpy come home in a gleaming brand-new car. And in order to ‘announce’ their arrival, they keep on honing the car. Unable to bear the noise, when everyone from the Shah family steps out to see who it is, there enters Samar and Dimpy, who get out of their ‘brand new car’. Seeing them in the car, everyone at the Shah family becomes extremely happy and also surprised at the same time.

When asked, Samar and Dimpy simply smile and get their family ‘introduced’ to the brand-new car. Seeing the car at their household, Babuji asks Samar and Dimpy about the new car. That’s when Samar and Dimpy tell the entire Shah family to be happy with the new car as it's ‘their own car’. Being totally surprised and shocked, Vanraj lands up asking Samar and Dimpy about how they managed to get a new car. In the same breath, he also enquiries if this car ‘too’ has been gifted to them as the additional mercy of Guru Maa Malti Devi. When their silence speaks volumes about their reply, Vanraj and others from the Shah family lose their cool and blast Samar and Dimpy for taking unwanted favours from Guru Maa Malti Devi.

Seeing all this, Toshu steps ahead and makes Samar and Dimpy understand the reason why they should not be accepting favours and help from Guru Maa Malti Devi. Hearing this, Samar and Dimpy both raise their volume and land up talking (read ‘taunting’) Toshu disrespectfully. Seeing and hearing this, an infuriated Vanraj lands up slapping Samar for his behaviour.

On the other hand, when Romil joins everyone for breakfast at the breakfast table, he makes it very clear that he is not interested in having breakfast with everyone. He had come only at the insistence of ‘his father’. Saying this, he moves off to his room. Seeing this attitude of his, Barkhaa starts fuming and raises her voice against Romil in front of Ankush. Seeing this non-stop commotion, Anuj tells Ankush that, even though Romil has been without a family, but, that does not justify his disrespectful behaviour with the elders.

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