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April Fool’s Day: There are a few ‘trademark’ and ‘patented’ April Fool’s Day pranks of mine, says Vardhan Puri

The ‘Yeh Saali Aashiqui’ actor exclusively speaks to OTTplay about his idea of ‘celebrating’ ‘April Fool’s Day’

April Fool’s Day: There are a few ‘trademark’ and ‘patented’ April Fool’s Day pranks of mine, says Vardhan Puri
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Last Updated: 12.09 PM, Apr 01, 2023


Hi Vardhan! Are you all set for today … April 1… April Fool’s Day?
Yes, and I can’t wait to prank all my family and friends. Ah! So much fun! (winks)

Have you ever been fooled on April 1? If yes, then, who and how?
Oh yes, I have been fooled many a times, and I love being fooled and pranked because it’s very rare that I fall for something!

Did you ever fool anyone? If yes, then, who and how?
I am fooling my folks on April Fool’s Day ever since I can remember. I love playing pranks on my close friends, especially my two best friends – Paarth and Rushabh, and also my first cousins – Krish and Shantanu. I have been pranking them since I was really young.

Where do you get your inspiration from to fool people on April Fool’s Day?
I think it has to be my school friends. In school, April Fool’s Day was a huge day. I had a bunch of seniors who really took the day seriously and they in turn motivated me to do the same. And today, I think I am a bigger prankster than them. I’m sure they are proud. (smiles)

Have you ever repeated your April Fool’s Day pranks on people?
Yes, there are a few trademark and ‘patented’ pranks of mine and I get really upset if someone uses those. They have been working for many years. I have been conceptualising new pranks as well. And this year is going to be very special and it’s going to be big in terms innovative pranks.

Have you ever encountered / heard of an incident about April Fool’s Day which went too far and had its dire consequences?
Oh yes, I have heard of a prank that led to a divorce and that was quite sad and unfortunate. Pranks are great but you should know where to stop.

Do you think that, with the advent of social media, it has given way / platform of sorts to many pranks?
Yes, I think social media is a great tool and great way to connect. But, at the same time, it might influence young and immature minds to take on pranks that might be dangerous for themselves or others. I think users of social media can be slightly more responsible.

There are also a few prank videos (as seen on social media) which resulted in having adverse effects. Do you think that such videos should be banned?
There have been few pranks which have had adverse effects. I don’t think such videos should be banned though because I think human beings above a certain age should practice their own discretion. I don’t think anything in the world should be banned, everything should be labelled, like for example how the Censor Board’s job is not to cut anything, it’s just to certify films. Also, there should be a warning given and there should be information passed regarding who is fit to watch the video or not. I am against the ban culture.

What is it that you want to tell everyone out there on the ‘occasion’ of April Fool’s Day?
Humour is the best medicine and a little humour here and there is always great to bring smiles on faces. But you have to know your limits and especially where to stop.

Do you believe everything that is told to you on April Fool’s Day? Or because, it’s April Fool’s Day, you think twice before believing it?
I am very aware and careful on April Fool’s Day. I do think not just once or twice… but ten times over before believing anything, especially if it comes from my friends. My parents have never fooled me but this time I am going to encourage them to do so. I think it would be quite cool.

Can you name the online application/ technological invention which was launched on April 1st, 2004, and because of April 1, many all over thought of it to be a prank?
I do not know but is it the mobile phone? Just a wild guess!

Oh! It’s Gmail!
Wow! That’s cool…

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