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As Berlin gets a Netflix show, here are 5 best scenes featuring the mysterious man from Money Heist - From punishing Tokyo to breaking up with Tatiana

Berlin has to be one of the most complex characters to return in the streaming world, let's see some of his best scenes

As Berlin gets a Netflix show, here are 5 best scenes featuring the mysterious man from Money Heist - From punishing Tokyo to breaking up with Tatiana
Money Heist Stills

Last Updated: 01.31 PM, Dec 29, 2023


Whenever someone speaks about a heist drama, one cannot miss mentioning Money Heist. The Netflix show that marked its end with one of the most satisfyingly rewarding finales is one of the best-made shows across the globe and inarguably the best in its genre. Made in Spanish and dubbed in many languages across the globe, the team, led by Professor, includes brilliant minds like Tokyo and Nairobi. The show was celebrated across the world, motivating the makers to make more of the IP. 

One character who had a crisp role and made a massive impact among supremely talented actors was Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso. Berlin managed to be the highlight of the show even with a mastermind character like Professor, played by Álvaro Morte, in the show next to his storyline. The mystery around him was intriguing; his vibe was intense; you always knew this man was roaming around with a mission and he would grow into a powerful character in no time. You never knew if he was a good person or an evil one. But you were still rooting for him. 


By the end, he had become a man you always wanted to know more about and he justified the mystic nature of his being. As the show hinted at the very interesting history of the character, Netflix decided to give him a standalone spin-off. The show titled Berlin hits Netflix today. So we thought, why not give you a flashback of the best moments Berlin served in Money Heist over five seasons in four years?  

When Berlin Punished Tokyo

This was when Berlin was an out-and-out vicious person who knew nothing but evil things. Even Tokyo was a reckless person, moving around like a wild animal and not listening to anybody. Soon we saw the two against each other and with his vicious plan, he punished Tokyo and tamed her in the process. 

Berlin’s Sacrifice In The First Heist

Like we said, he is a character with a small arc but maximum impact. Berlin’s sacrifice so that others could be saved in the first heist is what makes his character even more interesting. Even at the final moments, you don’t know whose side he was on. And you will never know. Maybe the new Netflix spin-off has some answers to offer for us. 

Berlin Is Actually Professor's Brother

It was the same aforementioned moment that ended up giving us one of the biggest shocks of the show. Berlin is Professor’s brother and the moment we got to know this was when the two met for the last time. The moment was difficult to process and even more difficult to not cry at. Fans shed the most tears here. And then for Nairobi. 

Berlin's Past

The best thing the showrunners did was give Berlin the responsibility to exist in the flashbacks and rule them. It was his dedication to being the robber who carried out the biggest heists. Professor became the face and was soon the one who led things. The flashbacks take us to the days when these were just budding young men who were still figuring out the business they were about to get into. Some of the scenes in the flashback part of the show are gold. But the conversation between the brothers remains the best. 

Berlin And Tatiana’s Conversation

For a vicious person like Berlin, the makers of Money Heist decided to show viewers what he looks like when his heart is broken. In a heartbreaking flashback scene, we see Tatiana saying the life-threatening words, “We need to talk.” Berlin was even prepared for what was to come, but he was also trying to ignore the fact that he knew. The scene is a piece of art as the two discuss how their heist plans are not working and how they have grown apart. It is in Berlin’s silence that you hear his heart cracking with every word. 

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