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As Superman: Legacy director James Gunn confirms March filming window, here’s everything we know about the production of DCU first live-action film

Superman: Legacy set to release on July 11, 2025, will go on floors this March as per director James Gunn 

As Superman: Legacy director James Gunn confirms March filming window, here’s everything we know about the production of DCU first live-action film
Team Superman: Legacy

Last Updated: 03.24 PM, Dec 24, 2023


Do you know of any other filmmaker globally who is as accessible as James Gunn on Threads in recent times? The filmmaker is the talk of the town for taking over DCU and shaping his first live-action film for the studio’s new era, Superman: Legacy. The reboot has been in the headlines for ages, and everybody is curious to know what is happening in the DCU head office. Now, as DCEU is concluding and will be finished by the time Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom ends its theatrical run, Gunn has given an update on when he starts shooting the reboot.

Superman: Legacy stars David Corenswet as Clark Kent, Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane, Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luthor, Mariá Gabriela de Fariá, Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner, and an ensemble cast. Written and directed by James Gunn, the movie, set to go on floors in early 2024, is scheduled for release on July 11, 2025. Gunn, through his Threads account, has confirmed and refuted a whole lot of things in the past few days.

Most recently, the filmmaker ended up revealing when Superman: Legacy goes on floors and whether the viral Logline of the movie is real. So, we decided to compile everything we know about the production of the movie that is probably one of the most anticipated ones already.

The Logline Row & Start Date:

James Gunn in Threads has now revealed that the viral Logline is not true, and there is no Logline yet. The filmmaker while doing so ended up revealing when they go on floors and also appreciated his team for working round the clock to make this happen.

The rumoured synopsis, aka Logline, read, “Superman, a cub reporter in Metropolis, embarks on a journey to reconcile his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing as Clark Kent." Refuting it, James Gunn said, "Not sure where this logline came from. I didn’t write it. It has elements of truth (obviously based on things I’ve said in the past). But I wouldn’t describe the plot this way, & I wouldn’t call Clark a cub reporter. He’s a thirty-year-old full-on reporter."

"But, yeah, we shoot in March. I’m grateful every day our production team worked their asses off to keep things going through the strikes. Forces impelled us to stop many times - & if we had, we’d never make July 2025."

Shoot Locations:

It was last month when someone asked James Gunn whether Superman: Legacy will be shot in New York. The filmmaker confirmed that the film will be shot all around the world. However, the filmmaker going to recce to see the Northern Lights does make sense. On Threads, he wrote "No shooting on soundstages in Atlanta. Rest of film in places all over the world."

Fortress Of Solitude:

Gunn with his team visiting Northern Lights was something that left us all wondering what this means. The fans were curious to know what this means. But some were quick to join dots. If you have not heard one of the many rumours, that Superman: Legacy will feature Fortress Of Solitude, it is indeed a possibility. Twitterati were quick to point out that Northern lights could be the inspiration for James Gunn’s version of the fortress.

If you are uninitiated, Fortress Of Solitude is actually Superman’s den. Like what Batcave is to Batman, Fortress Of Solitude is where Superman finds himself. There are a lot of things in there, including some exceptional objects and unimaginable tech that the Man Of Steel wants to keep hidden to stop them from falling into the wrong hands.

The New Superman Suit:

If there is a new Superman, the curiosity to see his new suit will, of course, be at its peak. However, while there are a lot of rumours about the new suit, James Gunn has confirmed that they will not reveal it until the film has gone on floors at least.

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