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Avengers 5 pushed beyond 2026 to World War Hulk being shaped as a Civil War film – Everything that made news from MCU in the last 24 hours

With Marvel Studios witnessing chaos with a new plan and the announced projects, the past 24 hours have been too busy for the rumour mills.

Avengers 5 pushed beyond 2026 to World War Hulk being shaped as a Civil War film – Everything that made news from MCU in the last 24 hours
Marvel Updates

Last Updated: 03.15 PM, Jan 04, 2024


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is busy finding a hook, as the studio has now chalked out a new plan to have a more nuanced and better future than what it witnessed in 2023. While we are a couple of days away from Echo, which hits Disney+ as the first Marvel Spotlight show, there is curiosity among fans about what the studio is cooking for the future, which is reportedly more about quantity than quality. In the past 24 hours, we have heard many updates, some good, some bad, and some surprising.

While there is an update about the World War Hulk movie, it is interesting how the studio is planning to fit it into the Multiverse Saga. There is also an update on Steven Yeun, who was cast as Sentry in Thunderbolts. Also, did we tell you Florence Pugh was never the first choice of the studio to play Yelena Belova in Black Widow? Well, it feels like the rumour mills around the Marvel campus are working overtime and giving us some very interesting updates from the realm.

Below is a compilation of everything we have heard about all things Marvel in the last 24 hours.

World War Hulk Before Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars

How and when will Hulk enter the MCU again and in the scheme of the Multiverse Saga is the biggest question in the minds of the fans of the green giant. At the moment, he is a Smart Hulk, but he has also not been seen since She-Hulk. There were also rumours about a World War Hulk movie. If the latest scoop from MCM Culture is to be believed, the studio is planning to release World War Hulk before Avengers 5 and shape it like Civil War. The scooper calls it Avengers 4.5.


Avengers 5 pushed

If there is a Hulk movie to be added, with the Civil Wars approach, and add to that the main villain of the story stands on uncertain ground, how can a studio stick to a release date and announce when things are not in this order? Reports now claim that Avengers 5 might get pushed to a later date as the latest shocks to the project have left too much to be done before cameras roll on this one. This means even Avengers: Secret Wars will be pushed since it is set exactly a year from 5’s release date.

Netflix Shows Now MCU Canon

The fact that Marvel Spotlight, a new banner under Marvel Studios, will look at niche characters and Echo telling the story of Maya is the first step, makes us believe that the banner will explore characters that are not mainstream. However, Echo executive producer Brad Winderbaum has now confirmed that Netflix shows based on Marvel comics are also part of the sacred timeline. As per Comic Book Movie, Brad said, "In a way, Echo marks a new beginning for the studio. It's a new tone for us, and it is a truly grounded and emotional journey, not just for the audience, but certainly for all of us who are lucky to be behind the scenes."

Steven Yeun Exits From Thunderbolts

As per MCM Culture, Thunderbolts, one of the most anticipated projects as all the misfits come together to form a team and fight Sentry, has lost an actor from the cast. Steven Yeun, who was cast to play Sentry, walked out of the project and decided to cut ties. There is no reason given for the same, but the studio will now have to cast the part soon.

Saoirse Ronan Was The First Choice For Yelena Belova

When Florence Pugh entered Black Widow as Yelena Belova, the successor to Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), fans celebrated because her badass superhero was all that we needed. But the latest reports have now said that Pugh was never the first choice to play the part. Little Women fame Saoirse Ronan was approached first. She passed on the part that went to her co-star, Florence Pugh. She will be seen reprising Yelena in Thunderbolts now.

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