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Ayalaan sequel, making Maaveeran, being a producer, and more – 5 revelations made by Sivakarthikeyan

Sivakarthikeyan is going through an exciting phase in his career and is set to release his next outing, Ayalaan, for Pongal 2024. Here are the 5 revelations made by the actor in a recent interview.

Ayalaan sequel, making Maaveeran, being a producer, and more – 5 revelations made by Sivakarthikeyan
Sivakarthikeyan in Maaveeran and Ayalaan

Last Updated: 05.11 PM, Dec 28, 2023


Sivakarthikeyan is one of those rare Tamil actors who has experimented with his film while still being true to the ‘entertainer’ tag. Despite being a part of the films that always reached the masses, the multi-faceted talent made sure he was doing something new and unique with every film. After the success of his last outing, Maaveeran, Sivakarthikeyan is now set to entertain the fans with his next outing, Ayalaan, which is set to hit theatres in January 2024 as a Pongal special release.

In a recent interview with Galatta Plus YouTube, the actor-producer extensively spoke about Ayalaan and its possible sequel, being a part of fantasy films, making Maaveeran, and much more. Here are the 5 interesting revelations made by Sivakarthikeyan. Have a look...

Ayalaan to get a sequel

In his interview with Galatta Plus, Sivakarthikeyan confirmed that Ayalaan is confirmed to get a sequel soon. Even though the first installment has not hit theatres yet, the popular actor is confident that the audience is going to love the film, especially the character of the alien (actor Siddharth has dubbed for the part). The leading man, who is very excited about the R Ravi Kumar directorial, stated that the team is all excited to make a sequel, as they are now more familiar with even the most modern technology that goes into creating the film. He also added that Ayalaan is a film that is especially made for children.


Making of Ayalaan

According to Sivakarthikeyan, the ideal behind making Ayalaan was to present a supernatural story that revolves around an alien in Tamil cinema with a moderate budget and the sensibilities of the industry. The actor, who revealed it was the biggest project in his career, added that he said yes to the project just after listening to its one-line story. However, the project was delayed indefinitely during the COVID-19 pandemic period, as it was impossible for the technicians to finish the CG work by working from home. Interestingly, Sivakarthikeyan also added that the writing of the film has not stopped, as the finishing touches are being given to the character of Ayalaan.

About Maaveeran

Talking about his latest hit, Maaveeran, Sivakarthikeyan stated that the idea was to create a unique superhero film that is so rooted. The Madonne Ashwin directorial had no reference point and had a complicated subject. However, the team was very particular about giving more importance to the comedy and superhero elements and still placing them in the entertainer genre. Sivakarthikeyan, who admitted that it was a tough idea to execute, added that it was the most physically tiring film for him as an actor. But the actor is super thrilled to receive so much appreciation from the audience, especially for his performance in the film.

Enjoying the ‘Entertainer’ image

Even though Sivakarthikeyan is thoroughly enjoying the new experimental phase in his acting career, the actor is very particular about not moving away from his ‘Entertainer’ image. The popular actor stated that his basic idea of being an actor is to be someone who can entertain the audience to the fullest. However, now, after the major successes of his last few outings, including Doctor, Don, and Maaveeran, Sivakarthikeyan is conscious of not spoiling the incoming appreciation for his acting skills and film choices. The actor is planning to do clean, entertaining films that have a strong premise.

Being a producer

The popular star, who produced some acclaimed films including Vazhl and Kottukkaali under his home banner SK Productions, revealed that he ventured into production for his friend, Arunraja. According to Sivakarthikeyan, his idea behind starting the production house is to support new, young talents and he stated that he wanted to have a purpose beyond making money. The actor-producer stated that he is intending to make more films that convey relevant, strong subjects and provide a platform for fresh talents in the future.

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