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When Bad Boys - Ride Or Die’s Will Smith recalled injuring his heel but regretted that it was not even for an intense stunt - Read on

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have yet again re-established their Bad Boys status and here we talk about an interesting anecdote. 

When Bad Boys - Ride Or Die’s Will Smith recalled injuring his heel but regretted that it was not even for an intense stunt - Read on
When Will Smith Wasn't Happy About How He Injured His Heel

Last Updated: 05.30 PM, Jun 19, 2024


Actors getting injured on the sets of action epics is not surprising news because the stakes of shooting action movies are already high. There is so much risk involved in making larger-than-life movies that deal with heights, dangerous elements, and sometimes just the most random stuff. However, these updates always make the news because someone's life is at risk, and that someone happens to be a public figure most of the time. Now, what if I tell you an actor once regretted not the injury itself but the condition in which it happened and would rather have accepted it if the situation was grander? Well, yes, we are not making this up. The actor is Will Smith, and the movie is Bad Boys: Ride Or Die.

Will Smith On Bad Boys Injury

Will Smith, alongside Martin Lawrence, has made an iconic franchise called Bad Boys that has managed to keep itself relevant for three decades, even with just four movies released. Over the years, the movies have seen the two leading men perform some of the most insane stunts, most of which are done by them, with some help. But that doesn't mean there is no risk involved. While promoting Bad Boys 4, Smith recalled tearing up his heel and expressing his dismay about one thing in particular. Read on.


While not as deadly as the first two parts, Bad Boys For Life and Bad Boys: Ride & Die have certainly had both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence performing stunts. The 55-year-old Suicide Squad actor, however, does the heavy lifting in this department. He once recalled how he injured his heel while shooting a scene that was neither dangerous nor grand in scale. Talking to Variety about the incident, he said, "We had all these big giant stunts and stuff, but there was a jump rope scene, and I had one jump rope—not even two times around, one time around—and on the first one, I got a tear in my heel."

He further conveyed his dismay with the situation, explaining how it was a jump rope that left him injured and not the big scenes. "I was like, 'We just had all these action scenes, and I tore my heel doing one jump rope!'" We can feel his dismay because he has done some insane scenes with a high risk of injury, but he got injured in the least expected scene.

Bad Boys On Streaming

Before Bad Boys: Ride Or Die, there are three films in the franchise: Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, and Bad Boys For Life. All of them are streaming in India on Jio Cinema, YouTube (on rent), Google Play (on rent), and Apple TV (on rent). The latter two (Bad Boys II and Bad Boys For Life) are also available on Zee5. Bad Boys: Ride Or Die is now in theaters near you.

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