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Balakrishna throws tantrums at Ram Pothineni at Skanda pre-release event

Things got a little intense on stage when Balakrishna snapped at Ram Pothineni at the pre-release event of Skanda. 

Balakrishna throws tantrums at Ram Pothineni at Skanda pre-release event
Balakrishna and Ram Pothineni at Skanda pre-release event. (Image: YouTube screengrab)
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 10.08 AM, Aug 27, 2023


The pre-release event of the upcoming movie Skanda was marked by a series of awkward moments that transpired between Telugu stars Nandamuri Balakrishna and Ram Pothineni. Balakrishna attended Saturday's event to express his support to the cast and crew of Skanda. 

It is noteworthy that Skanda director Boyapati Srinu had helemed Balakrishna's biggest hit Akhanda, which lifted the Covid-induced box office gloom in 2021. And naturally, Balakrishna wanted to throw his weight behind Boyapati's next. 

Balakrishna lost his cool at Skanda event

However, things got a little intense on stage when Balakrishna snapped at Ram Pothineni. The 63-year-old superstar looked a little edgy. When it was Ram Pothineni's turn to speak at the event, he heaped praises on Balakrishna. And he constantly kept going back to Balakrishna to show his admiration for him. But, it seemed like he irked Balakrishna the wrong way for some reason. 

Balakrishna threw tantrums several times on stage to everyone's surprise. "If I hear something that I shouldn't hear...And I have heard something that I didn't wanted to hear," said Balayya, while interrupting Ram Pothineni's speech. It's unclear what Balayya was talking about. And then he switched to Hindi and said something that aligned with his short-tempered persona. "You know why the brain is between our ears? Because when a slap fall on the ear, the message goes straight to the head," Balayya said. 

Ram Pothineni's compliments didn't work

It seemed like Balayya's reaction made Ram Pothineni visibility a little nervous. However, Ram Pothineni tried to contain the situation by taking Balayya's action in good spirit and laughed it out. 

Again, things got a little awkward and intense, when Balayya didn't seem to take kindly to Ram Pothineni's interruptions when he tried to speak with other cast members of Skanda. While Balayya was trying to explain something to Saiee Manjrekar, one of the female leads of Skanda, Ram Pothineni called the former's attention to his speech. And, Balayya lashed out at him. He could be heard saying something like, "What's your objection if I talk to her?"


Balayya's body language seemed a little aggressive as if he was ready for a fight. Ram Pothineni again tried to manage the situation by singing a part of the "Hukum" song from Superstar Rajinikanth's Jailer and noted that the lyrics defined Balayya's envious character arc in movies. 

After repeated attempts, Ram Pothineni towards the end of his speech managed to get a positive reaction from Balayya. However, the awkward moments between Balayya and Ram Pothineni have not escaped the attention of the viewers. The pre-release event was being discussed on social media and has become a subject of online trolling. 

About Skanda

Written and directed by Boyapati Srinu, Ram Pothineni plays the lead in Skanda. And it has Sreeleela and Saiee Manjrekar as female leads. The movie also stars Prince Cecil, Srikanth, Gauthami, Indraja and Sharath Lohithaswa in the supporting roles. 

Skanda is due in cinemas on September 15.