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Best inspirational movies to watch on CinemaWorld that will motivate you to live life to the fullest

From Copperman to Lucky Girl, these inspirational movies touch upon various aspects of life and stand as a beacon of hope. Here are 6 movies that you can stream on CinemaWorld and OTTplay Premium.

Best inspirational movies to watch on CinemaWorld that will motivate you to live life to the fullest

Six inspirational movies to watch on CinemaWorld now

Last Updated: 11.19 AM, Apr 01, 2024


As the world observes World Autism Awareness Month in April, let’s look at the movies that portray the poignant and inspiring tales of people, who are often sidelined and misunderstood by society. From Copperman, who is ever ready to ward off any threat to his land, to Lucky Girl, who refuses to bow down to a fatal disease, these inspirational movies touch upon various aspects of human life and stand as a beacon of hope.

If a dose of inspiration is what you are looking for during these chaotic times, we have picked six movies that you can stream on CinemaWorld and OTTplay Premium now.

Top inspirational movies to stream on CinemaWorld

Film  Cast   Director 
Copperman  Luca Argentero, Antonia Truppo Eros Puglielli 
The Cuban  Louis Gossett Jr., Ana Golja, Shohreh Aghdashloo  Sergio Navarretta 
Lucky Girl  Kseniia Khyzhniak Marysia Nikitiuk 
A Butterfly’s Heart  Elijas Malinauskas, Vilne Konstancija Abukeviciute Inesa Kurklietyte
The Carer  Brian Cox, Coco Konig János Edelényi 
The Girl With Nine Wigs  Lisa Tomaschewsky Marc Rothemund



Copperman is a 2019 Italian movie that narrates the tale of Anselmo, who has the innocence of a child, and his adventures as he sets out to be a superhero. This feel-good movie stars Luca Argentero, who had made an appearance in Julia Roberts-starrer Eat Pray Love and Le Guetteur. The film, which centres around the premise of autism, beautifully portrays that, sometimes, being different could be a good thing. This comedy drama is definitely worth a watch this month.

The Cuban

Mina, who works at a nursing home, and an elderly musician, who is battling dementia, bond over music, marking the beginning of an unlikely friendship. The 2019 movie stars Academy Award winner Louis Gossett Jr as the Cuban musician, while Ana Golja plays the young Mina, alongside Giacomo Gianniotti who featured in the popular Grey's Anatomy; Shohreh Aghdashloo, and Lauren Holly. This touching movie, which explores the nuances of cultural diversity and the power of human bonds that go beyond man-made borders, deserves to be on your watch list.

Lucky Girl

Lucky Girl chronicles the tale of Nina Sokil, who refuses to bow down to the deadly bone cancer, and fights to keep her career as a TV star alive. Inspired by a true story, this dramatic film offers a compelling narrative to live life to the fullest. The Ukrainian film stars Kseniia Khyzhniak as Nina of indomitable spirit, alongside Aleksey Tritenko and Maksym Panchenko. The movie on a woman's struggle to stay relevant was the official selection for the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in 2022.

A Butterfly’s Heart

This 2021 film from Lithuania narrates the story of the 10-year-old boy Juozapas, who keeps to himself and prefers to cultivate insects rather than play with kids of his age. A little girl, who is new to the town, befriends Juozapas and discovers the secret hidden in his heart. Directed by Inesa Kurklietyte, A Butterfly’s Heart won the ECFA Award (Feature Kids) at the International Children's Film Festival, Brussels. This heart-stirring movie of two little children should be added to your watch list for the month.

The Carer

This British-Hungarian film follows aspiring actress Drottya as she takes up the job of taking care of an iconic theatre actor. Her initial euphoria is quickly replaced with desperation as she deals with the irascible nature of the old man. Despite this, a friendship blossoms between the two, giving us a heartening tale to cherish forever. The 2016 film stars Brian Cox as Sir Michael Gifford, alongside Coco Konig who plays Dorottya. Give a chance to this tale of friendship and healing between people who are at the two ends of the spectrum.

The Girl With Nine Wigs

Yet another movie that chronicles the battle against cancer, The Girl With Nine Wigs narrates the inspiring tale of Sophie who is hit by the devastating news just when she is ready to take on the world. But the young woman is determined to make her days count and attempts to break free from the clutches of the fatal illness as she dons nine wigs as an expression of the different aspects of her life. Inspired by a real-life story, this 2013 German movie is based on the popular memoir by Sophie Van Der Stap. Lisa Tomaschewsky stars as Sophie in this uplifting tale that deserves a watch this month.

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