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Best Mother’s Day movies on CinemaWorld that explore themes of love, loss and beyond

From Asia to My Son, here are the best Mother’s Day movies on CinemaWorld that you can stream now

Best Mother’s Day movies on CinemaWorld that explore themes of love, loss and beyond

Best Mother’s Day movies on CinemaWorld

Last Updated: 10.57 AM, May 12, 2024


It is definitely not enough that we have just one day in a year to celebrate motherhood. But it’s absolutely necessary that we hit the pause button in our busy lives, at least once a year, to acknowledge and appreciate how mothers have shaped our lives. And some of these tales have been beautifully captured on the big screen in movies such as Asia and My Son that explore the themes of love, loss and beyond. On that note, we bring you the best Mother’s Day movies that you can stream on CinemaWorld and that are also available on OTTplay Premium.

Top Mother’s Day movies to watch now

My Son (2021)

Director - Lena Stahl 

Cast - Anke Engelke, Jonas Dassler 

Language - German

Genre - Drama


Young Jason is grievously injured in a near-fatal accident while skateboarding. His mother Marlene, a photographer, decides to take him to a rehabilitation centre in Switzerland. But it is not a smooth journey from Berlin to Switzerland frustration and grievances from the past come to the surface. In this German movie, a mother and son finally bury their past and begin to understand one another as they walk the difficult path to healing.

Rival (2020)

Director: Marcus Lenz

Cast: Yelizar Nazarenko, Udo Samel and Maria Bruni

Language: German, Ukrainian

Genre: Drama

This heartwarming movie follows little Roman as he travels to Germany to meet his mother who works as a nurse. But upon getting there, the nine-year-old boy discovers that she is living with an older man, Gert. Circumstances put the two alone together and they slowly begin to bond. The movie explores a child’s yearning for the mother’s love and undivided attention.

Asia (2020)

Director: Ruthy Pribar

Cast: Alena Yiv, Shira Haas, and Tamir Mula

Language: Hebrew, Russian

Genre: Drama

Single-mother Asia struggles to form a bond with her rebellious teenage daughter in this movie that explores how motherhood can also be very much a daunting task. But when tragedy strikes, Asia reaches out to her daughter. This Award-winning film was also Israel’s official entry at the Oscars 2021 for the Best Foreign Film category. A moving tale on motherhood, Asia is a must-watch on this list.


Director: Michal Blasko

Cast: Vita Smachelyuk, Gleb Kuchuk, Igor Chmela

Language: Czech, Ukrainian

Genre: Crime, Thriller/Drama

Single mother Irina, a Ukrainian immigrant, and her son Igor reside in a small border town in Czech which is caught in political unrest. When her son is assaulted, she finds support from the town. But as more events unfold, Irina decides to look for the truth. As the lines between truth and lies begin to blur, the film raises poignant questions on who is the victim, and who exactly is guilty. The much-acclaimed movie was nominated for several prestigious awards.

Commitment Asli (2019)

Director: Semih Kaplanoglu

Cast: Kubra Kip, Ece Yüksel, and Umut Kurt

Language: Turkish

Genre: Drama

Asli, a young mother, wants to hire a baby sitter, so that she can finally focus on her professional career. But when the nanny, who is also a mother, becomes a part of the household, things go out of hand. This Mother's Day, check out this movie that explores what it means to be a mother in today’s modern world.

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