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Turkish movies to watch on CinemaWorld that will leave you emotional - Brother's Keeper to Commitment Hasan

Recommending Turkish movies on CinemaWorld that you can watch with your OTTplay Premium subscription. 

Turkish movies to watch on CinemaWorld that will leave you emotional - Brother's Keeper to Commitment Hasan
Turkish Films On CinemaWorld

Last Updated: 05.55 PM, Apr 22, 2024


While cinema from across the globe started seeping into the pop culture in India much before it became a trend, the biggest wave hit the country when we were all locked in the confines of our homes during the widespread pandemic. It was then that the audience, hungry for content, was ready to consume it from all corners of the world, setting aside their reservations. New films were discovered, new cinema was introduced, actors from across the world suddenly had fans, and many films that deserved to be seen by a wider audience were finally viewed. Among several others, Turkish cinema in particular flourished as people finally recognized its worth. The films from there were suddenly in demand and the stories were being heard by people from across the world.

Now, as we are out of lockdown and back to the normal world, we have walked out with some very interesting things, and the knowledge of cinema on a wide canvas is one of those. CinemaWorld is a platform that has curated films that are nuanced and celebrated for their art and content. These are niche stories that have touched hearts without the lacing of promotions and massive names. Some have made a dent at the Oscars, some at the Cannes Film Festival, and many other prestigious places like those. Now, they have a home at CinemaWorld. One corner of the platform, available with the OTTplay Premium subscription, is dedicated to Turkish films.

There is a list of Turkish movies available on CinemaWorld. But let's take it slow. Today, we thought of recommending three Turkish movies to you as we celebrate cinema from across the world. Below is everything you need to know about them.

Turkish Movies On CinemaWorld

Commitment Hasan (2021)


A movie that stands right between preserving nature and old-world charm and embracing modernity by letting your life until now only be stored in memories, Commitment Hasan deserves an audience. It's a silent and nuanced homage to the world moving ahead and the people witnessing their world-changing. What does it mean to them—loss of livelihood, maybe loss of identity, and loss of everything they called theirs until now? This film is a beautiful example of how to tell stories about changing times while keeping in mind both parties.

Brother's Keeper (2021)

Brother's Keeper is the most adorable yet heartbreaking rebellion you will ever see. Here is a friend who stands strong for his buddy at the boarding school who has fallen severely ill. When things go out of hand, he tries hard to get medical help but with no success, because an authoritarian and bureaucratic system stops him from finding help for his friend. How Yusuf navigates this world of injustice is the film.

Commitment Asli (2021)

Another film from the Commitment trilogy, a young mother Asli, is stuck in the dilemma that most working women face. How to balance her child, married life, and work is the biggest question she has in front of her. She hires a nanny named Gulnihal who comes in in the hope that she will now have everything sorted. But little does Asli know that she is about to meet all the secrets she has buried deep inside her. Gulnihal makes Asli meet herself in a way she could never think of.

You can watch all three movies on CinemaWorld with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more such content and everything else from the world of streaming and films.