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Best Sports films on CinemaWorld that celebrate the undying spirit of sportsmanship

Domingo, Lessons Of A Dream and Run Up! are among the best sports films on CinemaWorld that celebrate the undying spirit of sportsmanship. Check out the full list here.

Best Sports films on CinemaWorld that celebrate the undying spirit of sportsmanship
Best Sports films on CinemaWorld

Last Updated: 11.45 AM, Jun 04, 2024


Best of the sports movies depict the grit, determination and sheer effort needed to achieve that crowning glory on the field. But it is not always one’s own aspirations that we chase on the field, it could also be the desire to see others succeed as portrayed in the 2018 German film Playmaker. On the other hand, the Spanish film Domingo proves yet again that it is never too late to chase your dream. On that note, we bring you the best sports films on CinemaWorld that celebrate the undying spirit of sportsmanship.

Top sports movies on Cinemaworld to watch now

Playmaker (2018)


Director: Timon Modersohn

Cast: Frederick Lau, Antje Traue and Oliver Masucci.

Language: German

Ivo, a former pro-footballer who ends up serving a jail term, now has no passion for the game. But his life changes after his paths cross with that of the young Luka who is brilliant on the ground. Ivo takes it upon himself to help Lukas become a pro-footballer. However, things take a dramatic turn when Ivo is drawn back into the murky world of sports betting. The German film stars Frederick Lau, Antje Traue and Oliver Masucci. Fans of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore might recognise Oliver Masucci who played Anton Vogel in the film.

Domingo (2021)

Director: Raúl López Echeverría

Cast: Eduardo Covarrubias, Martha Claudia Moreno

Language: Spanish

Domingo is 55 years old and recently divorced. But that doesn't stop him from pursuing his long-held dream of becoming a sports commentator at the local TV station. Will he finally get a chance to fullfil his aspirations? Watch the Spanish film, starring Eduardo Covarrubias in the lead role, to know whether Domingo succeeds.

Mercenary (2016)

Director: Sacha Wolff

Cast: Toki Pilioko,Iliana Zabeth, Laurent Pakihivatau

Language: French, Wallisian

Soane leaves his family and home in New Caledonia to pursue his dream of becoming a rugby player in France. But now left for himself, he has to strive hard and fight the battles both on and off the field. Toki Pilioko stars as the young Soane in this film that also featured real-life rugby players. Written and directed by Sacha Wolff, this French sports drama won several prestigious nominations including, the Golden Camera Nominee at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

Director: Sebastian Grobler

Cast: Daniel Brühl, Burghart Klaußner, and Justus von Dohnányi

Language: German

Set in the 19th century, this film follows the events at a strict school in Germany after Konrad Koch is recruited to teach English to the boys. Koch comes up with the rather outlandish idea of getting the boys interested in English by teaching them football. Will his unconventional method work? Watch this feel-good movie on CinemaWorld to know who triumphs at the end. 

Director: Miguel Flatow

Cast: Óscar Aquino López, Pedro Estrada Hernández

Language: Spanish

Brothers Pablo and Diego work at a bar and also play football in their free time. But tragedy strikes the family as Diego is seriously injured in an accident. Pablo signs up for a football tournament in order to pay for his brother’s surgeries. Stakes get higher for Pablo as this is not just about winning a game anymore. Watch the poignant tale of sibling love and passion for sports on CinemaWorld now

Run Up! (2018)

Director: Markus Welter

Cast: Annina Euling, Sarah Spale

At 21, Elodie is set to embark on her career after completing her studies. Before entering the professional space, Elodie plans to go on a hike but a tragic accident leaves her paraplegic. She rediscovers her zest for life through wheelchair sports with her trainer Isabelle by her side. If a dose of inspiration is what you are looking for this week, this movie is the perfect choice .

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