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Bhuvan Bam announces Dhindora 2 to celebrate BB Ki Vines' 9th anniversary

Bhuvan Bam has announced Dhindora 2, revealing that his popular character Titu Mama will return in a new romantic comedy.

Bhuvan Bam announces Dhindora 2 to celebrate BB Ki Vines' 9th anniversary
Bhuvan Bam returns with Dhindora Season 2

Last Updated: 09.30 AM, Jul 03, 2024


Sequels to the Bhuvan Bam-featuring series are pouring down like rain. Season two of Taaza Khabar, the content creator-turned-actor's first web series, is now in production. Bam is now celebrating the ninth anniversary of his YouTube channel, BB Ki Vines, and has announced the second edition of Dhindora. He got famous on YouTube after the debut episode of the comedy series, in which he portrayed ten different characters (including the beloved Titu Mama), went viral.

Bhuvan Bam's involvement in Dhindora 2

An insider informed Mid Day that Bhuvan is writing the script for Dhindora 2. The crew is determined to provide viewers with an even more exciting experience, building on the success of the first edition.


Bam claims that revealing Dhindora's future is the best way to celebrate his channel's ninth anniversary.

He revealed that they are finishing the script and are in talks with major platforms. With the use of a streaming platform, they aim to expand the show's viewership even further than previously. A romantic comedy will focus on Titu Mama's life. 

Unique blend of drama, entertainment, and comedy

There is drama, entertainment, and comedy in this unique series. It shows how Babloo's lotto win completely flips Bhuvan's world upside down. Will the jackpot in Dhindora have a positive or negative impact on BB's family? The series explores the ups and downs of a middle-class family's life.

During the production of Dhindora, Bhuvan Bam took on numerous roles, including those of storywriter, character creator, world builder, editor, composer, and performer of all three songs. He also wrote the dialogue and storylines.

Success of Dhindora and plans for the next season

Earlier, while talking about the series, Bam had said in a statement that they began Dhindora with the straightforward intention of amusing viewers with the same property, reimagined as a web-show centred around a captivating cast of characters intertwined in a narrative. The show was a huge success, and they appreciate everyone's kind words. The next season of this series is already in the works, and he can't wait for everyone to see those cherished characters again.

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