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Bigg Boss 17- Does Arun Mashettey have it in him to be the ultimate winner? Find out here!

With just a few days left for the grand finale of the Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 17, lets find out whether Arun Mashettey has it in him to be the ultimate winner.

Bigg Boss 17- Does Arun Mashettey have it in him to be the ultimate winner? Find out here!

 Arun Mashettey in Bigg Boss 17 (PC: Instagram)

Last Updated: 06.28 PM, Jan 18, 2024


Yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 17 saw Arun Mashettey being declared as one of the four finalists. The other three finalists are Mannara Chopra, Abhishek Kumar and Munawar Faruqui. The competition will only get fierce as the other finalists will also reserve their place eventually. Let’s find out more about Arun Mashettey and whether he has it in him to be the ultimate winner.

Name of the finalist:
Arun Srikant Mashettey

Youtuber (Gaming)

He is calm and cool at most times. He will not lash out until someone triggers him or he sees any injustice that’s being meted out to anyone. Despite the presence of many ladies, he has always maintained his distance with each one of them. There was even a time when Abhishek Kumar introduced Arun as ‘someone who will not touch other people (esp ladies) to shake hands’. He always is seen as someone who will smile through the toughest situation.

Even though he is a social media person, by his own admission to Salman Khan (during his entry inside the Bigg Boss 17 house), he said that the entire of Telangana will vote for him. This also means that, Arun Mashetty could lose out on the people who are outside Telangana. At the same time, his growing popularity during his Bigg Boss journey and his clean image could just do the trick for him.

Personality traits
Generally, he is cool and keeps to himself. At the same time, whenever there is a task, he ensures that he gives his cent per cent. He has never been seen gossiping around or being a part of ‘Chinese Whispers’ with his co-contestants. He is definitely emotional, towards his loved ones.

He was seen weeping bitterly when his BFF and ‘bhai’ Sunny Arya aka Tehelka bhai got evicted suddenly. The next time he became extremely emotional was when his wife and infant daughter came to see him inside the house as a part of ‘Family week’.

Arun won everyone’s hearts when he placed his daughter’s feet on his forehead to take blessings, and also while his wife was leaving the Bigg Boss 17 house, Arun, hurriedly, took his daughter in his arms and ran towards the Bigg Boss logo and made her touch it. Arun has always been seen as someone who derives extreme happiness and satisfaction through these small, but, emotional and meaningful acts.

High and lows inside the house
Arun was seen in an extremely happy mood when he saw his wife Malak and their daughter inside the Bigg Boss 17 house. At the same time, Arun was seen extremely dejected and sad when his fellow contestant Tehelka bhai got evicted all of a sudden.

People’s choice?
Whatever the people may say or choose, one thing is for sure that, his BFF Tehelka bhai will always root for his 'bhai' Arun! But as they say, ‘unpredictability’ is always a key factor in the Bigg Boss house. Arun may just shock and surprise everyone by getting the better of the ‘most expected’ winners of the show, and emerge victorious.

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