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Bigg Boss 17 - Vicky Jain’s family didn't want him to get married to Ankita Lokhande! Here's everything you need to know...

Vicky and Ankita, who are currently on Bigg Boss 17, tied the knot on 14 December 2021.

Bigg Boss 17 - Vicky Jain’s family didn't want him to get married to Ankita Lokhande! Here's everything you need to know...
Ankita Lokhande with Vicky Jain. (Courtesy: Instagram/ Ankita Lokhande)

Last Updated: 11.45 AM, Jan 10, 2024


Recently, Vicky Jain's mother Shweta Lokhande discussed Vicky and Ankita Lokhande's marriage. The Bigg Boss 17 contestants Vicky and Ankita got married in Mumbai on December 14, 2021. A few years of dating preceded the couple's marriage. Ankita has mentioned getting a divorce a few times on BB 17, which seems to indicate that their relationship is suffering badly inside the house. Vicky's mother has recently disclosed that the wedding of Vicky and Ankita was not supported by his family.

Vicky's mother Shweta revealed in an interview with Pinkvilla, “Vicky married Ankita. We were not in support of their marriage." She further revealed that Vicky is now prepared to take responsibility after being married and they have nothing to do with it. "We are seeing so much but we haven’t told him anything. He is there he will take care of his relationship. I trust Vicky he will take care of his relationships,” she added. 

Vicky's mother also talked about him and Ankita being half-asleep and drowsy in an interview with ABP News. With regard to Ankita's frequent on-air references to her late partner Sushant Singh Rajput, she responded, "Sympathy jata rahi hai lagta hai, apne liye." She added what does Sushant care now? He's gone. He got all the love when he was alive and did all the great things.

In 2018, Vicky and Ankita started dating. They got married in 2021. Despite their apparent happiness, their relationship has been harmed by the tensions in the Bigg Boss house.

Recently, Ankita expressed her "regrets" about marrying Vicky, citing her growing suspicion about his relationship with Mannara Chopra. She was heard telling Vicky, “Suddenly Mannara is in your life… You like her a lot… You enjoy talking to her. Please carry on.” Vicky replied, “What’s wrong in that? Please give a logical reason.”

Will Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain divorce post the show?

The couple has been arguing nonstop since they entered the Bigg Boss 17 house. Through intentional or unintentional actions, they consistently cause anger to one another. Many have been assuming that the couple's separation will be because of Bigg Boss 17. 

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