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Bigg Boss Kannada 10: Scripted show; undue advantage to Sangeetha, say netizens

On the weekend episode with host Kiccha Sudeep, he is expected to explain why Sangeetha Sringeri deserved a ticket to the finale

Bigg Boss Kannada 10: Scripted show; undue advantage to Sangeetha, say netizens
Netizens feel that Bigg Boss Kannada showrunners are favouring Sangeetha over more deserving candidates

Last Updated: 05.07 PM, Jan 13, 2024


In a few weeks, the 10th season of Bigg Boss Kannada will draw to a close, and with only 8 contestants left in the house, and the stakes getting bigger for those looking for a spot at the finale and the title. Currently in the house are Vinay Gowda, Tukali Santhosh, Tanisha Kuppanda, Namratha Gowda, Karthik Mahesh, Sangeetha Sringeri, Varthur Snathosh and Drone Pratap and in the last few days what’s been most widely heard on social media is just how the showrunners seem to be favouring two contestants in particular – Sangeetha and Pratap. There’ve been several comments to this effect, and that the show is scripted to favour Sangeetha, although she has not had the greatest track record as far as performance in tasks goes. In fact, as of now, she is the only contestant who has got a ticket to the finale.

Bigg Boss Kannada 10 episodes have largely been about portraying Vinay Gowda as the big bad wolf, they contend, while Karthik Mahesh is getting the raw end of the stick now that his friendship with Sangeetha has ended. Pratap, say netizens, has been milking the sympathy card. Vinay has been one of the major contenders since the start of the show, doing well in the tasks and creating enough drama in the house as well, and yet, he was never the recipient of Kicchana Chappale. In fact, in this evening’s episode with host Kiccha Sudeep, he is expected to justify why Sangeetha was the most deserving candidate for the Ticket to Finale.

According to the buzz on social media, Vinay, Karthik, Pratap and Sangeetha are going to be the confirmed finalists, with Varthur Santhosh likely to be eliminated this weekend. Some even said that by getting Sangeetha the first ticket to finale, the showrunners have ensured that Pratap fans will ensure he gets enough votes too. “This is a trap, as everyone will feel that there was injustice done to Pratap and will vote for him,” read the comment. That Namrata will be the first one to be saved this weekend, was another speculation.

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