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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 - Jasmin Jaffar and Gabri Jose’s relationship hits a rough patch?

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6: Jasmin Jaffar and Gabri Jose’s relationship has now hit a rough patch, leaving the former disappointed. However, the netizens feel that it is a planned drama by the duo.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 - Jasmin Jaffar and Gabri Jose’s relationship hits a rough patch?

Jasmin, Gabri in a recent episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 6

Last Updated: 07.40 PM, Apr 26, 2024


Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6: Jasmin Jaffar and Gabri Jose have been creating headlines since the beginning of the show, with their relationship. Instead of playing individually like other gamers, the influencer and budding actor always approached the game as a pair, leaving both their housemates and audiences equally irked. However, the recent Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 promos suggest that Jasmin and Gabri’s relationship has hit a rough patch.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 6: Jasmin and Gabri’s relationship hits a rough patch

For the uninitiated, Jasmin Jaffar was seen having a conversation with Gabri Jose about their relationship on the show. The duo, who earlier claimed to have deep feelings for each other, has been confusing audiences with their fluctuating opinions since last week. In the recent episode, Gabri shocked Jasmin by revealing that he could not have a serious relationship with her or marry her. For the first time, the influencer was seen staying away from the actor in the show.


In a recent episode, Jasmin had a conversation with Resmin Bai about the same and expressed her disappointment over Gabri’s stand. However, the promos that were later revealed by the Asianet channel on social media suggest that the budding actor is now trying so hard to reconcile with Jasmin. The influencer, however, is still confused about their relationship and has no idea how to proceed with it. But the duo is still spotted together occasionally, leaving both their fellow housemates and the audience perplexed.

Netizens think Jasmin and Gabri’s fight is a staged drama

The audiences, who are fed up with the relationship drama of Gabri Jose and Jasmin Jaffar, feel that the ongoing rift between the love birds is staged. The netizens point out that the duo earlier tried to pull off a similar stunt after the influencer’s father had a conversation with her. For the uninitiated, Jasmin had earlier decided to end her relationship with Gabri and play individually. The actor, however, had an emotional breakdown in the show and later, the duo reconciled. 

Meanwhile, Jasmin Jaffar's fiance Afzal Ameer, who is deeply hurt by the influencer's actions in the show, accused her of cheating on him with Gabri and ended their relationship. Now, the disappointed fans of the show are bashing the makers of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 for not putting an end to this fake relationship drama. Well, we will have to wait and see what the show has in store for its audience.

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