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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 – Gabri Jose reveals he wants to quit the show; Jasmin Jaffar breaks down

Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 viewers witnessed yet another emotional moment, after Gabri Jose confessed that he wants to quit the show. The actor’s revelation left Jasmin Jaffar extremely emotional.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 – Gabri Jose reveals he wants to quit the show; Jasmin Jaffar breaks down
Jasmin, Gabri in the latest promo of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6

Last Updated: 09.01 PM, Apr 15, 2024


Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6, the popular reality show hosted by Mohanlal has been witnessing some major twists and turns, after the entry of six wildcard contestants. The original set of contestants, who have been a part of BBMS6 right from its launch, are seen visibly losing their footing on the show, due to the same. Recently, Gabri Jose, the actor who earned fame with his association with Jasmin Jaffar, the popular influencer, in the show.

Last week’s events, including Jasmin’s decision to keep a distance from him, have left Gabri drained, and the actor expressed his willingness to quit Bigg Boss Malayalam 6. However, his revelation left the influencer heartbroken. In a recent promo of BBMS6, Jasmin is seen breaking down after her ‘best friend’ revealed his state of mind.

Gabri Jose says he wants to quit Bigg Boss Malayalam 6


In a recently aired Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 promo, Gabri Jose is seen talking to the camera and confessing his feelings. The actor revealed that he feels like quitting the game, as he feels he is not a right fit for it anymore. Later, Resmin Bai is seen asking Gabri to eat something, as the actor has apparently been skipping food since the last day. Later, the promo also hints that the popular contestant suffered some health problems, as Sreerekhaa, Arjun Syam Gopan, and others were seen rushing towards him.

Jasmin Jaffar breaks down

Meanwhile, Jasmin Jaffar was seen breaking down in the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6’s live feed, after she came to know about Gabri Jose’s willingness to quit. The influencer, who was seen having a conversation with Resmin Bai, stated that both she and Gabri are suffering all this pain, without doing anything wrong. However, the viewers strongly feel that this is the new plan implemented by the duo, to stay relevant in the game. 

Reportedly, Jasmin is feeling guilty because she feels even, she is the reason for Gabri’s current of mind. For the uninitiated, the actor earlier had a major emotional moment on the show, after the influencer decided to end their association and play individually.

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