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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 Week 5 – Mohanlal pulls out yellow card to Abhishek Sreekumar, Sai Krishna

BBMS6 Week 5- Abhishek was forewarned by Mohanlal regarding his anti-LGBTQ+ remarks from the April 9 episode. Additionally, the host warned Sai Krishna for continuously disobeying the house rules.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 Week 5 – Mohanlal pulls out yellow card to Abhishek Sreekumar, Sai Krishna
Mohanlal on Week 5's Saturday episode

Last Updated: 09.59 PM, Apr 13, 2024


In Week 5 of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6, Mohanlal warned two wildcard contestants, Abhishek Sreekumar and Sai Krishna, with a yellow card for various reasons. The actor cautioned these participants at the very beginning of the episode.

Abhishek was forewarned by the popular reality show's host regarding his "anti-LGBTQ+" remarks from the April 9 episode. He had brought up the topic of contestant Abhishek Jayadeep and his community abusing women and children during an evening task. But he offered no justification for this assertion. This statement offended a lot of people, especially the LGBTQ+ community, which led to contentious conversations outside the house.


Additionally, Mohanlal warned Sai Krishna, also known as the Secret Agent, for continuously disobeying the house rules, particularly by giving Jasmine Jaffar access to details that were outside the premises. Sai did acknowledge that he was playing the game to emotionally attack her, though.

BBMS6 Updates on Week 5

Mohanlal inquired about the experiences of the wildcard entrants during their first week in the house. Additionally, he asked the competitors to rank and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these newcomers.

The popular reality show's creators completely redesigned the programme by assembling six wildcard contestants from the previous weekend's episode. DJ Sibin Benjamin, Sai Krishna, aka Secret Agent, Pooja Krishna, Abhishek Jayadeep, Nandana, and Abhishek Sreekumar were the six contestants who made it onto the show.

BBMS6 – What is happening?

Based on the majority of votes, Jinto Bodycraft has been chosen to serve as the new captain for the coming week. Jinto Bodycraft, Sreethu Krishnan, and Gabri Jose were selected by the three teams in the house. Meanwhile, Nandhana, Sreerekha, and Abhishek Jayadeep each submitted an independent candidature.

Sijo John, a contestant who left Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 after being severely assaulted by Asi Rocky, is supposedly returning to the show. The producers of Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 have not yet responded to these rumours, though.

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