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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 – Jasmin Jaffar, Gabri Jose to face elimination this week?

The recently released Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 suggests that the controversial pair of this season, Jasmin Jaffar and Gabri Jose, are set to face elimination this week.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 – Jasmin Jaffar, Gabri Jose to face elimination this week?
Gabri, Jasmin in the new BBMS6 promo

Last Updated: 08.44 PM, May 04, 2024


Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6, the popular Mohanlal show is about to have yet another elimination, this week. For the uninitiated, the show has been facing a lot of flak from the netizens, for its quite evident favoritism towards certain contestants. The shocking revelations of former winner Akhil Marar worsened things further, for BBMS6. Meanwhile, the recently released Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 promo suggests that the controversial pair, Jasmin Jaffar and Gabri Jose might face elimination, this week.

Jasmin or Gabri to get eliminated from Bigg Boss Malayalam 6?

The recently aired new promo of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6, which consists of the visuals of the upcoming weekend episode hosted by Mohanlal, has revealed the upcoming twist in the show. According to the new promo, Jasmin Jaffar and Gabri Jose, the controversial pair who have been creating headlines with their on-and-off romance from the beginning of BBMS6, are about to face elimination this weekend. The superstar host is seen announcing the same in the new promo while confirming that the rest of the contestants are safe this week.


While Gabri Jose remains calm even after Mohanlal’s big revelation, Jasmin Jaffar is seen breaking down. The influencer, who has apparently fallen in love with the actor for real, is seen crying her heart out as they held hands, in the new promo which is now going viral on social media. The duo is seen standing in a room with an announcement board when Bigg Boss announced that one of them will have to big goodbye to the house, tonight. Later, Gabri, who remains calm, is seen opening the announcement board, while Jasmin is seen staring at him.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 makers to mislead audience?

However, the loyal viewers of the show, who are already fed up with Jasmin and Gabri’s love track in the show, strongly believe that this elimination promo is just another gimmick by the BBMS6 makers. The netizens believe that either the eviction will turn out to be a prank, or Gabri will be moved to the secret room for a few days on the pretext of eviction.

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