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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 – Mohanlal lashes out at Jasmin Jaffar for not playing the game genuinely; watch VIDEO

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 contestant Jasmin Jaffar has irked Mohanlal by not taking a genuine stand during a weekend game. In a recent video, the host is seen lashing out at the influencer.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 – Mohanlal lashes out at Jasmin Jaffar for not playing the game genuinely; watch VIDEO
Jasmin Jaffar, Mohanlal in Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 promo

Last Updated: 08.10 PM, Mar 24, 2024


Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 has finally succeeded in making a mark among the audience, after an underwhelming start. The Mohanlal show finally gained momentum after the eviction of Ratheesh Kumar, which was followed by all the drama surrounding Jasmin Jaffar and Gabri Jose’s close relationship. In the recent videos, the superstar host is seen lashing out at Jasmin in the Sunday episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 6, for not playing the game genuinely.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 - Mohanlal lashes out at Jasmin


In the recent promo video of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6’s Sunday episode which is going viral, Mohanlal visibly lost his cool after witnessing Jasmin Jaffar’s bogus game moves. During the second eviction process of this weekend, the superstar host provided a red and green flag to every contestant. He further asked them to give a green flag to one contestant who they think should stay in the house, and the red flag to the person who should get eliminated.

Jasmin, who gave the red flag to Suresh Menon, however, added that she actually wanted to give it to her rival Asi Rocky. When Mohanlal asked the influencer why she didn’t give the flag to Rocky if he wanted him to leave, she failed to give a convincing answer. The host, who was visibly irked by Jasmin’s explanation, asked her if she thought it was a good way to play a game. He criticized her for not playing the game genuinely during the eviction task.

Mohanlal was also seen asking her why she is reluctant to share her thoughts genuinely when she gets a chance. From the recently released video, it is quite evident that the superstar, who is best known for his calm, composed nature, has finally lost his cool on Jasmin Jaffar after witnessing her wishy-washy behavior. The influencer, on the other hand, looked very upset after the superstar host lashed out at her.

Jasmin Jaffar gets trolled on social media

The failed love strategy with Gabri Jose, and the incidents that followed the call from her father, have already made Jasmin Jaffar one of the most disliked contestants in the history of Bigg Boss Malayalam. The netizens are now lashing out at Asianet and Disney Plus Hotstar for editing out Jasmin and her father’s phone call from the show and have been accusing the makers of favoritism. The contestant is being heavily trolled on social media for her unimpressive game.

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