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Bobby Deol before he was Lord Bobby; Gupt To Bichhoo – 5 films that became his identity

Bobby Deol made his debut in 1995 and has had many highs in his career; here are 5 movies that brought him appreciation. 

Bobby Deol before he was Lord Bobby; Gupt To Bichhoo – 5 films that became his identity
5 Best Bobby Deol Films

Last Updated: 09.20 AM, Jan 27, 2024


areThe rise of a new star always makes a buzz because the anticipation and curiosity around their existence is massive. Who they are, what they have done, and what we can expect are everything that we want to know. But what is even more fascinating is the resurrection of a star who once owned the straight-faced man role and could still serve hits. Lord Bobby Deol has bounced back in our collective consciousness and how. The star who gave us some of the most commercially interesting straight-faced men is now suddenly a ruthless assassin who knows no boundaries. But for an entire generation, Animal could be tamed as his debut , and there is no doubt because this is the version we never saw coming.

But this is definitely not his debut. Over the course of his career, Bobby Deol had a phase where he made his niche in the no-nonsense character department. He was most of the time a mysterious man one should not be messing with, and you can see that in multiple movies. So today, as he celebrates his birthday in one of the most successful years of his career, let’s try and introduce the pre-Animal Bobby to a generation that is grooving to Jamal Kudu and tell them nothing beats Naiyo Naiyo.

Read on to know 5 best Bobby Deol movies that were entertaining even when they were not the most nuanced. Also, let’s all dance to Soldier title track at the end.

Barsaat (1995)


Available On: Amazon Prime Video.

It was the film with which Bobby Deol made his big-screen debut. The movie that was released after multiple massive roadblocks turned out to be one that ended up giving Bobby Deol very good recall value. The movie that also starred Twinkle Khanna was about a man who goes to a foreign country and falls in love with a girl, but the girl is unaware of his previous marriage, and that lies the drama.

Ajnabee (2001)

Available On: Amazon Prime Videoand YouTube.

No one was even remotely prepared for Ajnabee when it was released in the theaters back in 2001. A movie about partner-swapping that in no time becomes a murder mystery was one of the most experimental commercial movies of that year. Even if you like it or not, you cannot deny we all were rooting for Kareena Kapoor Khan and Bobby Deol. The latter is known for his part in this one.

Gupt (1997)

Available On: Zee5.

We all know who the murderer is now, right? If you don’t, you deserve all those spoilers. Gupt: The Hidden Truth will always be one of the cult movies in Hindi cinema. A noir that has all the elements to be a commercial film but also taps into the nuances and creates a world that is full of suspense and not predictable. Bobby Deol’s performance helped the movie elevate even more while Kajol was at her best glory.

Soldier (1998)

Available On: Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

Okay, let’s agree to the fact that we all saw Soldier multiple times regardless of the quality of the material, and there is no way we were not happy while the title track played. Soldier became Bobby Deol’s identity and one of the multiple films that established him as the straight-faced hero who has a mystery behind him. Soldier’s recall value is much higher than many other of his movies.

Bichhoo (2000)

Available On: Amazon Prime Video.

In a world now, the first half of Bichhoo could be a dark Anurag Kashyap movie led by Bobby Deol and his death stare. The movie was one of the most interestingly adapted scripts, and Bobby Deol as an assassin is a very unique part for the time it was made in. Bichhoo over the years has only welcomed fans, and those have, of course, also fallen for Deol.

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