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Bramayugam - Rahul Sadasivan reveals how Mammootty’s performances in THESE films influenced the horror thriller

Bramayugam director Rahul Sadasivan recently revealed his favourite performances of megastar Mammootty. He also opened up about how they influenced the horror thriller.

Bramayugam - Rahul Sadasivan reveals how Mammootty’s performances in THESE films influenced the horror thriller
Bramayugam marked Mammootty's first collaboration with Rahul Sadasivan

Last Updated: 08.17 PM, Mar 03, 2024


Bramayugam, the period horror thriller, has now emerged as one of the biggest Malayalam box office hits of 2024. Mammootty played the lead role in the Rahul Sadasivan directorial, which earned immense love from cine-goers for its excellent making, performances, and technical aspects. In a recent interview with The Cue Studio, the Bramayugam director opened up about his favourite performances of Mammootty, and how they influenced the horror thriller.


Rahul Sadasivan reveals how THESE performances of Mammootty influenced Bramayugam

The filmmaker has earlier revealed that Mammootty’s Thaniyavarthanam was an inspiration for his acclaimed outing Bhoothakaalam. In his chat with The Cue Studio, Rahul Sadasivan further added that the megastar’s performances as Bhaskara Pattelar in Vidheyan, Murikkinkunnath Ahmed Haaji in Paleri Manikyam: Oru Paathirakolapathakathinte Kadha, are his two other favourite performances. According to the director, both these performances have influenced the veteran actor’s character Kodumon Potti, Bramayugam.

However, eventually, Mammootty’s performance made the character entirely different from his previous outings. According to Rahul Sadasivan, he was hoping that the veteran actor would deliver a performance similar to his role Chanthu from Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha, in the scene in which Kodumon Potti mouths a lengthy dialogue amidst the Dice game. However, the megastar wanted to try something entirely different and asked director Rahul to not bring the essence of his previous film into this character.

But later, after a couple of takes, Mammootty understood the director’s vision and tried something different with his performance. Rahul Sadasivan stated it was highly exciting to see how the veteran actor brought so many emotions into that dialogue within seconds, with his impeccable voice modulation and expressions. The same shot was eventually used in the film, and it highly impressed the cine-goers.

Breaking Mammootty’s glamorous image

As reported earlier, director Rahul Sadasivan was very clear about wanting to show an unseen side of Mammootty, who is well-known for his glamorous image, in the film. The leading man, on the other hand, surrendered to the director’s vision and underwent a massive makeover for the film by sporting grey hair and beard, and using prosthetic teeth. Well, the megastar’s look in Bramayugam indeed helped in making his character Kodumon Potti more impactful.

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