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Chasing Mandela's Rainbow on OTT: Here’s when, where and how to watch this documentary

As the name suggests, Chasing Mandela's Rainbow depicts the life of former South African President Nelson Mandela and his contribution to the Apartheid movement.

Chasing Mandela's Rainbow on OTT: Here’s when, where and how to watch this documentary

Poster of Chasing Mandela's Rainbow. 

Last Updated: 12.39 PM, May 05, 2024


Nelson Mandela gained fame as a result of several achievements but most notably due to his leadership qualities which made it possible for him to successfully resist apartheid policies implemented by the government of South Africa during 20th-century times. That was when he spent 18 years behind bars – from 1964 to 1982 – as a political prisoner in Robben Island Prison. Go through such a documentary film that will take you back through one of such notable moments in time.

Chasing Mandela's Rainbow on DocuBay

A 52-minute film named Chasing Mandela’s Rainbow created by Gary Janks is all about that. The story focuses on one of the major problems that was stopping people from having a good life. The narrative delves into the challenge of achieving Nelson Mandela's dream of equitable education in post-apartheid South Africa.


This story is told from the perspectives of three learners with different socio-economic statuses revealing multiple layers present in the modern-day education sphere. The stark disparity between Mandela's idealistic aspirations and the stark truths presents a poignant depiction of South Africa's continuous quest for genuinely inclusive education for all.

So, if you plan to watch this documentary, you can watch it anytime on DocuBay. The streamer today reminded their subscribers, “Mandela's dream of equal education in South Africa faces reality. Follow 3 students on their journeys, revealing the challenges and triumphs of the post-apartheid education system. Will they bridge the gap? Stream Chasing Mandela's Rainbow on DocuBay.”

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