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Top documentaries for technology lovers on DocuBay

If you love watching documentaries, we have exciting news for you. Get access to exciting information on DocuBay.

Top documentaries for technology lovers on DocuBay

Posters of documentaries on DocuBay. 

Last Updated: 01.19 PM, May 01, 2024


Start a trip through the digital age together with a curated group of must-watch documentaries on social media, especially for those who love technology. Get a deeper understanding of the major impact these digital platforms have had on society, by examining such areas as moral dilemmas tech giants face today or personal issues that come with too much engagement in virtual reality. Be set to learn more about complex tapestry formed by virtual world.

Tech documentaries on DocuBay

Cyber War 2022

Among the stories of cyber resistance by Ukraine and its allies in the face of Russia, the documentary Cyber War 2022 presents itself. In the documentary there are personal stories from cyber activists as well as discussions with cybersecurity experts around the globe, examining some hidden factions from today’s era of wars fought clandestinely through cyberspace. The documentary was released in 2023 and spans 51 minutes only.


Apple: The Trillion Dollar Betrayal

Apple is currently the most valuable company globally, with great influence on the present period and the way we interact. Although it has managed to do so, the corporation has constantly faced serious criticism on different grounds. Examples of accusations occur when they are said to copy other companies' ideas through the App store as well as accusations of anti-competitive behavior among others. Overall, this documentary delves into the array of allegations against the tech behemoth.

Inside NASA's innovation

The documentary "Inside NASA's Innovations" offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the workings of one of the foremost technology innovators globally. Find out more about the complexity of working together with NASA to lead space exploration into its new phase. The documentary was released in 2023.


The top influencers in the NFT and crypto industry reveal facts about this growing field. Find out how Web 3.0 signifies a new outlook, limitless creativity, new technologies, and fresh business models. Dive into the digital domain with its art, frenzy, metaverse and featuring superstar creators. With stars like Susaye Greene (The Supremes), Queen Diambi (Congo), Refik Anadol, Peter Rafelson and many others.

The Rise of AI

This documentary gives a good view of how AI technology has grown very fast recently, especially in influencing healthcare matters. AI’s ability to process massive amounts of data, recognize trends, and make accurate prognoses, means that there are numerous possibilities for service provision in the health sector. The documentary was released in 2022.

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