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Top documentaries on world affairs on DocuBay

Stream captivating documentary feature films and series from around the world on DocuBay.

Top documentaries on world affairs on DocuBay

Documentaries on DocuBay. 

Last Updated: 04.58 PM, Apr 30, 2024


So many developments are taking place in the world globally! From the Russia-Ukraine war to the Israel-Palestine conflict and what not. With news developments surfacing and evaporating continuously, it becomes difficult to gather information on various topics. To ease your tensions, DocuBay has come to your rescue, where you can view a variety of documentaries from the comfort of your homes, mobile phones, or laptops.

Top documentaries on international relations

China’s Wild West

A British documentary, China's Wild West, was directed by Urszula Pontikos in 2009. It premiered at the celebrated Sundance Film Festival of 2009 and then screened at the 2009 One World Film Festival in Europe. The movie is set in high-altitude Yanchiwan, which is not a densely inhabited area on earth, featuring how important yaks are in this particular locality. Through the lens of scientists, the documentary delves into how this rare species has spurred the development of the modern cattle industry.

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War, with its toll of nearly two million deaths, had several driving factors. Research the people who played major roles during this tumultuous time – Ho Chi Minh, and Kennedy among others so you can know what they did to contribute to this mess. Other alternatives to consider during these critical periods might center on when the French took over sovereignty from their colonial masters. Also what happened when all Christians left Cambodia due to Khmer Rouge rule after years of living amongst them or maybe how did Japan cause it before it switched sides? Experience these significant moments unfold in this captivating documentary, helmed by director Lyndy Saville.

Iran, Dreams of an Empire

According to DocuBay, the documentary is about how Iran cracked a nuclear deal in July 2015, but above all, it confirmed loud and clear the new preponderance the country has over the Middle East after years of isolation. Iran is the only Shia-dominated country in the world. The documentary also explores how the country is deeply nationalist, rather than expansionist or imperialistic.


Native Americans have long been stewards of their landscapes, skillfully shaping them over millennia. However, they are being threatened by the wave of colonization that has been sweeping through their countries over the years. Nowadays native communities all over America are trying to restore these ancient ties with lands that are deserts or have sea coasts; forests or mountains; prairies or other types of environments present in this nation. The documentary is for about an hour and 16 minutes. Watch it anytime.


Thunder Road on Baghdad

In the film Thunder Road on Baghdad, viewers examine the turbulent incidents that characterized the US attack on Iraq. The actual story of how Iraq dropped into the American lap unfolds clearly from the memories of generals, physicians, journalists, and other residents. All of them narrate a story that explicitly shows how unprepared Saddam Hussein was to fight George Bush Jr’s military, urging us to ask, who is responsible for Iraq’s fall? Who is responsible for the fall of Iraq? Starring Jean-Claude Dauphin and directed by Jean-Pierre Krief, Thunder Road on Baghdad offers a nuanced exploration of the complexities surrounding the Iraq War, shedding light on the multifaceted dynamics that shaped this pivotal moment in history.