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Popular DocuBay documentaries on famous people

If you wish to understand the lives of rich, famous, and successful people across the globe, Docubay has a treasure in store for you.

Popular DocuBay documentaries on famous people

Popular DocuBay documentaries on famous people. 

Last Updated: 01.40 PM, Apr 28, 2024


Transitioning from the exposure of your personal life to the scrutiny and unwanted attention of strangers, the life of a celebrity is far from easy. In some instances, being famous may have its positive sides such as being treated specially but it is not always rosy as it attracts its own predicaments. However, amidst all its negatives, making documentaries about famous people is one of the surest ways of ensuring their stories are never forgotten.

We have collated a list of documentaries you must watch.

Top documentaries on famous people

Nasser: Egypt's Modern Pharaohs

Jihan El-Tahri directed the documentary called Nasser: Egypt's Modern Pharaohs, which examines Egypt’s political development from 1952 till now. Through years of extensive archival research, El-Tahri manages to pay tribute to three major players in Egypt’s political arena namely; Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar As-Sadat, and Hosni Mubarak. Specifically speaking, as the title suggests, you will embark on a journey through Gamal Abdel Nasser's remarkable life in Nasser: Egypt's Modern Pharaohs - from defying colonialism to a reign mired in controversy.

Hitler's Last Secrets

In Hitler’s Last Secrets, the mysterious end of dictator Adolf Hitler is examined. By the movie’s look at whatever was left from the past, a chance would be given to understand the thoughts of Adolf Hitler when he was hiding in the basement. This is also possible because there are untouched papers that were not burnt by Hitler who later died there alongside his mistress Eva Braun; they include telegrams as well as records of some essential dialogues that took place among members of this family. The movie lasts for 53 minutes. This documentary provides a compelling exploration of one of history's most notorious figures.

Justin Trudeau The Other America

Justin Trudeau: The Other America looks at how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau manages the highest position in Canada by his charm, wit, and political correctness. But did he keep his word from the campaigns that brought him to power? The fight against climate change and the protection of indigenous rights are indeed issues that this documentary raises. The documentary was released in 2017 and is for 58 minutes only.

Christian Dior: The Man, The Label

Christian Dior: The Man, The Label looks at the life of Christian Dior, a well-known French designer whose family originally wanted him to be a diplomat. His love for art took him in a different direction – he began an art gallery and later worked at Robert Piguet's fashion house. Due to this life-changing experience in 1946, Dior created his own company. With his first fashion collection, he changed the way we think about clothing by putting a modern twist on classic looks.

Marilyn Monroe: Icon Of Our Time

Released in 2020, the documentary Marilyn Monroe: Icon Of Our Time is a succinct documentary that lasts for about thirty minutes. As the title suggests, the main focus of this movie is on Marilyn Monroe who was an iconic American actress and model. In the 1950s and early 1960s, she was recognized as one of the most distinguished symbols of sex appeal through her comic blonde bombshell roles. She was part of the sexual revolution of that time. Unfortunately, Marilyn died when she was only 36 years old leaving behind an enduring legacy.

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