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Critics Choice Awards 2024 - Chelsea Handler apparently pokes fun at ex Jo Koy for his Golden Globes monologue

Critics Choice Awards 2024 was hosted by second-time ceremony host Chelsea Handler. But during her performance, she might have taken a cheeky jab at ex Jo Koy's hosting of the Golden Globes this year.

Critics Choice Awards 2024 - Chelsea Handler apparently pokes fun at ex Jo Koy for his Golden Globes monologue

Chelsea Handler hosting the 29th Critics Choice Awards

Last Updated: 11.25 AM, Jan 15, 2024


Last week’s Golden Globes saw the likes of Oppenheimer, Barbie, Beef, and The Holdovers score big with multiple victories in different categories. This time, the 29th Annual Critics Choice Awards saw the creme de la creme of Cinema and television gather to honor the best shows and performances of the previous year. The show was hosted by Chelsea Handler for the second consecutive year.

During one of her hosting segments, while entertaining the audience in between awards, Chelsea Handler seemingly took a cheeky jab at her ex Jo Koy’s hosting of the Golden Globes. But if that was her intention at all, she did it in a far more suave manner than she is being given credit for.

Chelsea Handler's iconic joke and cheeky jab at Jo Koy

While joking around, Chelsea took a fun, appreciative dig at the two veteran actors, Robert De Niro and Harrison Ford, ‘I didn’t know which one of you is hotter, you guys are total smoke shows.’ She further included Martin Scorsese and said that though the director is not present at the show, it would not stop her from sharing a fact with the room.

The fact being that she would totally toss him around ‘like a little Italian meatball’. But that was not the punchline. The joke was sealed when Handler took a dig at Jo Koy’s hosting of the Golden Globes this year.

She simply thanked the audience for laughing at her joke as ‘my writers wrote it.’ This earned her resounding applause from a delighted audience, most of whom had attended the Golden Globes last week and knew what she had referred to.

What had Jo Koy said to elicit jokes at his expense?

During his hosting gig, Koy had tried to defend his flatlining Barbie joke, the one about the film being about a ‘plastic girl with big b**bies.’ But when the audience seemed unbothered by it, he declared that he had got the gig like, ten days ago.

Then, he asked the audience to ‘shut up’ and ‘slow down’ if they wanted a perfect monologue, as the few jokes the audience are laughing at, were written by him, implying that his jokes were better than the ones his writers wrote for him in this short span of preparation. The Critics Choice Awards is available to stream on Lionsgate Play and OTTplay premium, January 15, 2024, onward.

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