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Chemistry explodes – Andrew Scott and Greta Lee have shown the best love stories of the year with sizzling hot intimate scenes

While Andrew Scott is seen romancing with Paul Mescal in All of Us Strangers, Greta Lee’s romance with Teo Yoo and John Magarao in Past Lives is ruling Korean audiences’ hearts

Chemistry explodes – Andrew Scott and Greta Lee have shown the best love stories of the year with sizzling hot intimate scenes

Andrew Scott and Greta Lee

Last Updated: 12.46 AM, Dec 14, 2023


This year, Andrew Scott and Greta Lee had roles where they had to build a strong connection with their co-stars Paul Mescal, and Teo Yoo and John Magaro, even if they did not have many dialogues. While in Past Lives, Greta played Nora, a Korean-American woman, who loves both her Korean first love and her American husband, in All of Us Strangers, Andrew played Adam, a lonely guy, whose life gets shaken up by his flirty neighbour and weird dreams about his dead parents. Both the films have garnered massive application from the audience, as well as critics.

Paul Mescal's experience working in All of Us Strangers

Previously, we got the chance to know about Paul Mescal’s experience in All of Us Strangers, where he talked about it with Natalie Portman on Variety’s Actors On Actors. While talking about the intimate scene in the film, Mescal shared, “Films like this are an indication of a distance that we’ve travelled, but ultimately there’s quite a ways to go. All I can talk about is my experience with filming those scenes. Andrew Scott’s character, Adam, who is in his mid-40s, has a difficult relationship to sex. My character serves as a safe landing space for him to re-explore his sexuality. I think sex in film, when it can be healing and sexy at the same time, that’s when it’s at its best.”

Andrew Scott's experience working in All of Us Strangers

This time, we got Andrew’s viewpoint about the sizzling scene. While talking about both their films, Lee jokingly shared that they (Andrew and Greta) could be the new Barbenheimer, “Yeah. We could do a double feature. We’re the new Barbenheimer. We need a good portmanteau. We would be ‘All of Us Past Strange Lives’. How about that?”

While talking about his chemistry with Paul, Andrew shared that he's very lovable. “He is a beaut. Whatever chemistry Paul and I might have in real life, actually, that’s neither here nor there because we have to create a kind of chemistry that’s completely different to me and Paul’s chemistry. There was sort of sexual chemistry and physical falling in love. It’s such a beautiful thing to do”, Scott shared.

Greta Lee's experience working in Past Lives

Next while talking about her romance scene in Past Lives, Greta shared that it was the very first time of her as an actor to inhabit falling in love. She added that falling in love in real life is not humiliating, but on screen, it was a little uncomfortable for her. “I mean, it’s so physical. Maybe it sounds hokey, but it’s a thing where some people describe falling in love like your internal makeup changes, that a person can do that”, Lee said.

Andrew Scott and Greta Lee share their experiences watching the films with audiences

Lastly, Andrew shared that he has watched All of Us Strangers with an audience for the first time, “I felt so exposed, seeing it in a proper big cinema. Not only have we exposed ourselves physically, but I felt like, ‘Oh, my God, they’re seeing something really vulnerable in me’.” And this reminded Greta that she had a similar situation when Past Lives was premiered at Sundance, and she almost thought that people were going to leave the hall at the end, but she was wrong. They were trying to reach and get tissues.

Truly, it's a magical feeling for the audience, as well as the actors when the films are enjoyed wholly.

Watch the whole interview here:

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