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Clone High Season 2 OTT release date in India - When and where to watch the adult animated sci-fi sitcom online

History's most famous time-travelling teens return with their latest adventures in the second season of the popular series.

Clone High Season 2 OTT release date in India - When and where to watch the adult animated sci-fi sitcom online
Clone High

Last Updated: 10.59 AM, Jan 31, 2024


We now know when and where you can watch episodes 1–10 of season 2 of The Clone High. The new season is set to drop on JioCinema beginning on February 2, 2024. Clones of famous people from history in this science fiction series face the intricacies and difficulties of puberty, which may be unfamiliar to some viewers. The likes of John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, and Cleopatra all have clones that go to the same high school. As the series progresses, they face the typical struggles of adolescence, such as adjusting to new social mores and dealing with intense romantic relationships.

Synopsis of Clone High

Abe, Cleo, JFK, and Joan find themselves facing tragic love triangles, a terrifying new enemy, and a group of historical clones as they are unexpectedly transported to the modern world twenty years after being frozen.

Check out the trailer for The Clone High Season 2 below:


Excitement for Season 2 and renewal for Season 3

Clone High is a successful example of the calculated risk-taking that can pay off when rebooting a cult hit. The second season was a huge hit following the show's surprising return. With the third season in the works, fans of Clone High are getting excited for another semester with this charming group of historical impersonators.

The announcement that Clone High would be renewed for not one but two new seasons has heightened interest among fans for season 3. Having both seasons released at the same time makes the exciting possibility of an early release date for Clone High season 3 all the more likely.

Speculation and energized fanbase for Season 3

To keep things uniform throughout the revival, Clone High's third season will continue to follow the same ten-episode framework as its second. Insiders within Warner Bros. Discovery have hinted at a possible 2024 release, although the official release date has not been announced yet, according to Polygon's reporting.

As they prepare for yet another adventure with their beloved clone high schoolers, this news has energised the fanbase. Everyone is free to speculate on what may happen in Clone High season 3. Viewers were on the brink of suspense at the end of the second season. The crafty Joan planned a school-wide brain wipe in an attempt to gain control. Viewers are curious about the implications of this surprising turn of events for the third-season plot.

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