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Conman Sukesh threatens to reveal unseen evidence as Jacqueline Fernandez files charges - Details inside

Jacqueline Fernandez and conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar have been in the headlines for a while now

Conman Sukesh threatens to reveal unseen evidence as Jacqueline Fernandez files charges - Details inside
Jacqueline Fernandez and Sukesh Chandrashekhar

Last Updated: 05.38 PM, Dec 22, 2023


Jacqueline Fernandez has been garnering a lot of attention due to her involvement with conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar, a prime accused in a Rs 200 crore money laundering case. After receiving multiple letters from him, the actress moved to a Delhi court, seeking protection from him.

EOW, in its reply, supported Jacqueline Fernandez`s application and stated, "It has been observed that the accused, Sukash Chandershekhar, has also been in the habit of sending letters concerning the present applicant to media platforms through various means, which is not only harassing or threatening the present applicant directly but also affecting her social or professional assignments."

Now, after this, Sukesh has issued another letter that doesn't have any name on it, but it looks like the conman has written it for Jacqueline. In the letter, Sukesh has said that he will now reveal the entire truth with all the 'unseen' evidence, including chats, screenshots, recordings, etc.

“Since ‘that person’ made him the devil, he has no choice but to expose her reality in the open,” a part of the letter reads. He further shared in his letter that he will now reveal all the proof about the overseas financial transactions and investments he has made, which he hadn't talked about to “protect this person.”

“Even the smallest fact of payments worth a few million dollars paid for social platform enhancement to compete and race against a very prominent individual colleague of this person will also be brought into light with the entire relevant payment invoice paid by me, as in accordance with the Indian Evidence Act,” said Sukesh.

Further in his letter, he wrote, “The world needs to know the truth, the reality.” As per the letter, Sukesh has decided not to stay hurt, numb, or quiet, and he will tell the reality to the world.

Sukesh shared in his letter, “I was shocked, frozen, as after all that you do, protect, safeguard someone, they turn around, stab you back hard, as they think now that they are safe and act victimized and start blame games, and point saying look here is the Devil, the Bad Guy.”

“Realisation is very important for one. You can’t let anyone stab you or underestimate or take you for granted. You need to make that other person realize what they are doing is wrong. To make one realize can get you in a tough situation because your heart melts," he said.

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