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CSpace: Here are 5 must-watch movies on Kerala government's OTT platform

 B 32 Muthal 44 Vare, Nishiddho and more - This is the list of films that you would enjoy watching on CSpace, the digital platform owned by the Kerala government.

CSpace: Here are 5 must-watch movies on Kerala government's OTT platform
Zarin in B 32 Muthal 44 Vare, Poster of Vasanthi

Last Updated: 02.58 PM, Mar 10, 2024


The Kerala government-owned online streaming platform C Space OTT was launched recently. On March 7, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan introduced the OTT platform at Thiruvananthapuram's Kairali Theatre. It is exciting to note that 42 critically acclaimed films, that the Kerala State Film Development Corporation has funded, are currently available for streaming on this platform during its initial phase.

The platform is anticipated to provide Malayalam filmmakers with a plethora of opportunities to exhibit their works without the burdensome demands and costs associated with other popular OTT mediums. This is a list of films that you would enjoy watching on this digital platform owned by the government.

B 32 Muthal 44 Vare


Shruthi Sharanyam's B 32 Muthal 44 Vare, which examined issues of homosexuality and body image in women, was lauded by movie buffs. The subject, which is treated with total openness and clarity, illuminates the lives of five women and one transgender person who are trying to deal with issues related to their body image. The social drama featured Krisha Kurup, Remya Nambeesan, Anarkali Marikar, and Aswathy Babu in standout roles.


Rudra, a Bengali migrant worker, asks a Tamil midwife for assistance in his uncle's funeral in Kerala. This is the story of a tangled web of unfulfilled love between the two. The stories of the circumstances that led them to meet in this place, which they now consider to be their second home, are also central to the plot. The film was praised for its unvarnished portrayal of an emotive subject.


This film, which stars Swasika, takes the audience on a journey through narratives, stage plays, and many male-dominated segments of Vasanthi's life. The play and Vasanthi's recollections of the numerous men she met after leaving her mother's house alternately appear in the movie. The actress received multiple awards for this movie thanks to her outstanding performance. Reviews for Siju Wilson's subtle performance in a supporting role were equally positive.

Karutha Joodhan

The narrative blends the protagonist's autobiography with 2000 years of Jewish history in Kerala. A Jew from the village of Mala named Aaron Eliyahu is the main character in the movie. Additionally, it shows how close Beerankunj, a Muslim, is to Aaron. The unexpected events that affect Aaron and Beerankunj's three generations are revealed in the movie. As Aaron, Salim Kumar gives a superb performance.


The late actor Kochupreman stole the show by playing the blind protagonist Raghavan, who spends 65 years of his life solely in the world of sound. Abdulla, his adopted son, pressures him to get an eye transplant out of concern that he might become socially isolated as a result of hearing impairments in old age. After receiving an eye transplant, Raghavan came to the realisation that his eyes are merely instruments and that seeing is a result of experiences stored in the mind, but it was too late.

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