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Damaged OTT release date – Watch Samuel L Jackson hunt down a serial killer on THIS platform

Damaged OTT release date – Samuel L. Jackson plays a police detective in this thrilling manhunt for a serial killer with sinister purposes in Scotland.

Damaged OTT release date – Watch Samuel L Jackson hunt down a serial killer on THIS platform
A still from the trailer of Damaged

Last Updated: 04.57 PM, Mar 20, 2024


Damaged is a brand-new action thriller that has a psychological angle to it. Since the serial killer genre has bloomed in recent years, with hit shows like Hannibal, Se7en, Asur and more, films with a similar premise are on the rise, even for mainstream audience. Directed by Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame Terry McDonagh, the film will be released in US theatres this summer.

Damaged release date and trailer


Lionsgate will release Damaged in select United States theatres and on digital platforms April 12, 2024, onward. Viewers can watch the film on Video-on-demand at Lionsgate. The film released its trailer yesterday and it has offered a stark glimpse of the rough journey that lies ahead of Chicago detective Dan Lawson and Scottish detective Glen Boyd, as they try to catch a mysterious, hooded, serial killer.

Name of Movie Damaged
Director Terry McDonagh
Genre Action Thriller
Release Date April 12, 2024
OTT Platform Lionsgate (VOD)

Damaged plot

Damaged follows a mysterious serial killer who had successfully executed his killing massacre of five innocent people in Chicago, without getting caught. At that time Dan Lawson had looked into the case, without success. Five years later, the same pattern of killings begins in Scotland. The Scottish authorities are better prepared though, and they send for Lawson.

Now Lawson and Scottish detective Glen Boyd must solve the crime with their team before the serial killer claims more lives. With cryptic messages, twisted mind games, and brutal murders, Damaged follows a ‘Silence of the Lambs’ trajectory without offering any hint of cannibalism yet. But the film makes up for the thrills by including loads of ritualistic and symbolic clues, as well as morbidly artistic murder scenes, along with a sprinkling of personal demons for all.

Damaged cast

Damaged may not have a unique premise, but its execution may make up for it, if it delivers what it promises. The film’s talented cast comprises of the likes of Samuel L. Jackson as Dan Lawson, Gianni Capaldi as Glen Boyd, Vincent Cassel as Bravo, Kate Dickie as Kessler, John Hannah as McGregor, and Mark Holden as Captain Ford.

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