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Dark Matter OTT release date - Prepare to question everything that you have believed till now, as the sci-fi brings Blake Crouch's vision to life

Dark Matter OTT release date - Show creator Blake Crouch brings his own bestselling book to life with this new sci-fi series

Dark Matter OTT release date - Prepare to question everything that you have believed till now, as the sci-fi brings Blake Crouch's vision to life

Still from Dark Matter

Last Updated: 08.32 AM, Feb 07, 2024


Nine years after its 2016 publication, American author Blake Crouch's science-fiction book Dark Matter continues to make readers curious with its mind-bending exploration of parallel universes and the choices that define us. Hence, the book’s enduring popularity has inspired Crouch to adapt it into a live-action series, promising to translate the book's captivating twists and turns onto the screen. Prepare to confront reality-smashing questions and delve into a world where every decision waves across infinite possibilities.

Where to watch Dark Matter

The highly anticipated sci-fi series Dark Matter is set to premiere on AppleTV+. Starring Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly, Alice Braga, and Jimmi Simpson, the series probably has nine episodes. Don't miss this thrilling adaptation created and also produced by Blake Crouch, which will be coming soon on AppleTV+, starting May 8, 2024.

What is the story of Dark Matter?

Trapped in a web of infinite possibilities, Jason Dessen, a seemingly ordinary physicist, professor and family man, finds himself carried away from the familiar streets of Chicago and deposited in a chilling opposite reality. This is Dark Matter, a series where wonder swiftly sinks into a desperate struggle for survival. As Jason navigates the twisted pathways of his numerous questions of ‘what ifs’, the lines between dream and nightmare blur. 

He must confront agonising choices that echo the life he could have lived and embark on a dangerous quest to reclaim his true family. But the most terrifying opponent he faces is not an external threat; it's a chilling reflection of his own, staring back from a mirror.

What does the first look portray?

The first glimpse of Joel Edgerton as Jason Dessen in Dark Matter does not expose much about the show's plot, and spoilers are minimal. However, fans of the book will likely be excited to see the seemingly harmless black cube in the background. This minor detail is a faithful recreation of its counterpart in the book, hinting that Blake Crouch's involvement as the showrunner is ensuring a careful live-action adaptation.

The book Dark Matter's reviews

The reviews of the book have been quite intriguing. Some said that it's like a fast-paced action film with numerous exciting things happening. Sometimes the action happens so fast that you might not fully understand what's going on, but it keeps you guessing and wanting for more. Some fans expect that the series will have longer episodes or even a second season to give the characters more time to grow and change.

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