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Manhunt OTT release date – Catch the thrilling aftermath of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination on THIS platform

 Manhunt OTT release date & trailer - This upcoming true crime limited series explores the least understood & chaotic aftermath of Abraham Lincoln’s public murder by actor John Wilkes Booth.

Manhunt OTT release date – Catch the thrilling aftermath of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination on THIS platform
Tobias Menzies in a still from the trailer of Manhunt

Last Updated: 07.08 PM, Feb 06, 2024


Manhunt is an upcoming thrilling historical adaptation with a true-crime premise. It is based on the public assassination of American President Abraham Lincoln by actor John Wilkes Booth and the manhunt that ensued after to arrest the latter. Based on James L. Swanson’s bestselling non-fiction novel Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer, the film was created by Monica Beletsky.

Release Date and Trailer of Manhunt

The show’s first two episodes were directed by Carl Franklin. Manhunt is an Apple TV+ original and will premiere with two episodes on March 15, 2024, before dropping the rest of the five episodes weekly. The limited series also dropped a trailer earlier today that featured a dramatic and taut thriller based on real events and characters, starring a stellar cast.


The contents of the Trailer

A confederate supporter at heart, John Wilkes Booth is essayed as a cocky and arrogant individual who believes he is “born with a chance to be somebody”. The trailer follows his descent as he murders Lincoln in an attempt to free the South but ends up costing America a great political and social leader.

The manhunt against Booth, as he gets protection from the Confederates following his crime, is led by then-U.S. Attorney Edwin Stanton, essayed by Tobias Menzies. The series ensures an edge-gripping adventure ahead in which how a well-known actor like Booth escaped after committing a public murder and why he does it, is thoroughly explored.

Cast of Manhunt

The conspiracy thriller stars Emmy-winning actor Tobias Menzies as lawyer and former United States Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, Anthony Boyle of Masters of The Air fame as John Wilkes Booth, Hamish Linklater as Abraham Lincoln, and Lovie Simone as Marie Simms.

The film also features Will Harrison as David Herold, Brandon Flynn as Eddie Stanton Jr., Damian O’Hare as Thomas Eckert, Matt Walsh as Dr. Samuel Mudd, Glenn Morshower as Andrew Johnson, and Patton Oswalt as Detective Lafayette Baker.

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