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Deadpool 3 official title leaked? Let’s track the crazy nature of the titles for Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman starrer we have heard so far

Deadpool 3 is the most anticipated movie of the year and the anticipation is now about to reach the skies. 

Deadpool 3 official title leaked? Let’s track the crazy nature of the titles for Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman starrer we have heard so far
Deadpool 3 Title Revealed?

Last Updated: 05.51 PM, Feb 10, 2024


Not many movies can come close to the buzz that Deadpool 3 or the 'Untitled Deadpool Movie' has been generating worldwide. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, the movie has become among the most anticipated ones of the year, which has been confirmed by official lists that gauge the anticipation. While a whole lot of mysteries are attached to the threequel that marks the debut of Ryan and Hugh in the MCU as Merc With A Mouth and Wolverine, the biggest is the title, which is yet to be revealed by the makers. In the meantime, it seems like the scoopers have found it even before the makers could announce it.

Deadpool 3 Official Title Leaked?

As per the latest post by viral scooper MCM Culture on Instagram, the new official title of Deadpool 3 might have been leaked on the Internet. If the tweet and the Instagram post by the scooper are anything to go by, the new title of the movie is Deadpool & Friend. The ‘Friend’ being Wolverine, who will join Wade Wilson in his fight against the Multiverse. The movie is said to have both superheroes at loggerheads in the beginning, only to join forces later.


However, this is not the first title of the movie that has gone viral as an official one. Deadpool 3 has been making news for over two years now. A lot has been said about it and a gazillion rumours have surfaced on the internet already. The movie has gone through a lot of changes in the meantime and that also means there have been many titles in contention at that time. Shawn Levy himself revealed that there were at least three titles that were considered back in the day when he confirmed that it would not be called Deadpool 3.

So, as per the comments made by Shawn Levy, the titles in contention for the Untitled Deadpool Film were:

  • Deadpool 3
  • - Deadpool versus Wolverine
    - Deadpool and Wolverine
    - Deadpool 3 With Wolvie

    However, one cannot say Deadpool & Friend is final until an official confirmation is made because a lot has turned out to be just rumours. But it also makes sense because the movie is R-rated and the humour that it possesses makes the title a believable one.

    When Will Deadpool 3 Trailer Release?

    All eyes are on the commercials during the Super Bowl that will take place tomorrow, February 11. Rumours are that Marvel Studios will release the first-look trailer for the movie at the event and that has fans excited. However, even this is not confirmed yet. 

    Deadpool 3, or should we start calling it Deadpool & Friend, will hit the big screen across the world on July 26, 2024. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more on this and everything else in the world of streaming and films.

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