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Deepika Padukone offers her thoughts on Bradley Cooper's Maestro - ‘I’ve experienced…’

After garnering massive box office success, Bradley Cooper's biographical drama is now streaming on Netflix

Deepika Padukone offers her thoughts on Bradley Cooper's Maestro - ‘I’ve experienced…’

Deepika Padukone, Still from Maestro

Last Updated: 08.41 AM, Jan 03, 2024


More than just a celebrated actor, Bradley Cooper has established himself as a force behind the camera with his directorial debut, A Star is Born. The film not only captivated audiences but also garnered critical acclaim, including a prestigious Oscar for the Original Song ‘Shallow’, and eight additional nominations at the 91st Academy Awards.

Maestro's achievements

After a five-year gap, Cooper triumphantly returned to the director's chair in 2023 with his latest masterpiece, Maestro. The film has not only captivated audiences with its captivating narrative and poignant themes but has also garnered widespread critical acclaim, solidifying Cooper's position as a cinematic auteur. Its prestigious nomination for the Golden Lion at the 80th Venice International Film Festival further cements its status as a true gem, a testament to Cooper's exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to storytelling.

Maestro story

Maestro is a biographical drama that tells the story of American composer Leonard Bernstein and his wife, Felicia Montealegre. The film shows how Bernstein was just about to get a really amazing job when he met actress Felicia Montealegre and they started dating. Their relationship was super intense and it messed up their lives.

Deepika Padukone's reaction

Maestro did not just win the audience over; it dove into Deepika Padukone's soul. The Pathaan actress is still reeling from the film's emotional tidal wave. She took to Instagram to share her thoughts. A video clip and a single tear glistening on the screen were all it took to convey the magnitude of what she witnessed. "One of the greatest performances I've ever seen," she wrote. Her praise was not just for the film; it was a huge wave of love for Bradley Cooper's performance.

Deepika Padukone's reaction on Maestro
Deepika Padukone's reaction on Maestro

Bradley Cooper's masterpiece

While director Martin Scorsese was initially slated to helm the biographical drama, the project ultimately landed in the hands of Bradley Cooper. He not only took on the directorial mantle but also stepped into the shoes of the legendary Leonard Bernstein, showcasing his versatility both behind and in front of the camera.

Maestro on OTT

After a triumphant run in limited theatres, Maestro made its streaming debut on Netflix on December 20, 2023, and has maintained its popularity quite well.

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