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Did Challenging Star Darshan really get a ‘Nanna Celebrities’ tattoo?

Images of the actor bare-chested and with no noticeable tattoo, which are supposedly from a recent post workout session video, are going viral, with his detractors trolling him for faking the same

Did Challenging Star Darshan really get a ‘Nanna Celebrities’ tattoo?
Did he or did he not get a tattoo

Last Updated: 11.50 AM, May 01, 2023


On Sunday evening (April 30), the Twitter handle of Challenging Star Darshan’s Channapatna fan base posted a video of the actor’s workout routine. Presumed to be a recent one, the video has brought Darshan detractors out in full force again on social media. The reason – the video includes a split-second shot of the actor bare-chested. Trouble is, this shot does not have him sport his much-publicized ‘Nanna Celebrities’ tattoo.

See the video posted by the fan group below:

Earlier this year, after the release of Kranti, the publicity of which was taken up by Darshan’s fan groups months before the film even came out – a gesture that he was proud and grateful for – the Challenging Star supposedly decided to show his love for his fans, who he calls his celebrities, by getting a tattoo etched across his chest that read ‘Nanna Celebrities’. The video and images of the actor getting inked, of course, had gone viral at the time, with Darshan being lauded for his act of love for his fans. Normally, fans get the names and images of their favourite stars inked, but Darshan decided to do something for his fans.

But with the presumed-to-be-new video of Darshan’s workout, his detractors are calling him out for having faked the whole thing. Netizens posted screenshots from the video and said that since this was posted only a day ago by his fan group, it ought to be new, which could only mean that the tattoo was not real. In response, Darshan fans now claim that although the video was posted only now, it dates from early February, a few days before he decided to get inked. They have been sharing images that are time-stamped February 10, while the tattoo was done on February 15, a day before Darshan’s birthday.

So, did he really or did he not? Or is the tattoo like the Hollywood report on it? Only Darshan can answer this mystery!

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