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Did Harsh Chhaya-Surya Sharma just hint at Undekhi 4? Watch new BTS video from the SonyLIV show

Harsh Chhaya's Papaji and Surya Sharma's Rinku Atwal had a change in dynamics in SonyLIV's Undekhi 3

Did Harsh Chhaya-Surya Sharma just hint at Undekhi 4? Watch new BTS video from the SonyLIV show
Undekhi 3 - Harsh Chhaya

Last Updated: 05.03 PM, May 17, 2024


Harsh Chhaya came as a surprise as Papaji in Undekhi 3 (now streaming on SonyLIV and OTTplay Premium). Surya Sharma, who plays the role of Rinku Atwal on the show, shares the closest bond with Surinder Atwal. He, too, was a delight when it came to the show. These two, whose bond was questioned in the recently released season, got together for a game of Scotch Pong. What followed could be considered a major hint at Undekhi 4.

PS: Spoilers ahead.

Rinku questions Papaji

Before Undekhi 3, Rinku never dared to question Papaji. This is the biggest hint about the fourth season. He has four questions lined up, all of which could also be a hint at a new season.

Rinku reminds Papaji of his crime

Most of Undekhi 3 was about Papaji getting away with the murder at Daman’s wedding, only to see how far he could go. Rinku is Surinder’s backbone when it comes to the case and the same was proven in Undekhi 3. Well, Papaji is arrested for the crime, and who knows, he might just get out somehow.

On Teji

Aanchal Singh’s Teji Grewal plays an important part in the Atwal house. Papaji and Teji have gotten close in season 3, but Rinku wants answers. Papaji has them, stating that he trusts absolutely no one. Well, he has trusted Teji so far. Thus, this could be a hint.

Best Episodes From Undekhi Season 1 and 2
Best Episodes From Undekhi Season 1 and 2

The most important question

Now that Papaji is in prison, one question lingers on everybody’s mind. Who will take care of the family business? Rinku wants to send Daman to the US and he has sent all other family members to Amritsar, while staying back in Manali. This means that Rinku could be plotting something, and he probably sensed the danger of Rajveer Malhotra.

On his childhood

Rinku’s childhood experiences came back to life as Undekhi 3 came to an end. The fourth question takes us back to the moment where Rinku got adopted and became an Atwal. Interestingly, this is the only question Papaji did not answer. This too could be a hint that the fourth season will reveal more secrets that have remained hidden so far. Harsh stating, “Puttar, jaldi pata chal jaana,” is just reinstating that the makers could be planning a new season of the show.

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