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Did team Kaatera just hint at special release plans on December 29?

When Darshan said that he was set to watch the film on December 29 at 10.30 am, he was interrupted and he then said on the morning of December 29. What could this mean?

Did team Kaatera just hint at special release plans on December 29?
Darshan in Kaatera

Last Updated: 05.02 PM, Dec 15, 2023


On December 14, as Challenging Star Darshan spoke about the imminent release of his next, Kaatera, he said that it would be in theatres on December 29, and that he, like the audience, will catch it at the first show at 10.30 am. But as he said that, director Tharun Kishore Sudhir interrupted him briefly. While it’s not clear what the filmmaker told Darshan, it got us wondering – Will Kaatera open its box office campaign with early morning shows at, say, 5 or 6 am? Or, if the trend of paid premieres is anything to go by (Sapta Sagaradaache Ello Side B had over 70 ‘premieres’ on November 16), will Kaatera also be available to select audiences depending on the number of shows opened? Either which way, it will be exciting news for fans of the Challenging Star. The guess is that Tharun will confirm the film’s release plans closer to December 29. As of now, all they’ve said is that it will be in about 350 screens.

Meanwhile, Darshan fans are currently counting down to the release of the film’s trailer, which will be out on December 16. The team will have an on-ground event for the same in Hubballi, and, according to Tharun, the trailer is what will give audiences a true sense of what is in store. So far, all that’s been discussed is that it is a period film set in the 70s and explores a pertinent issue in the agricultural sector. Tharun has promised that he has blended commercial elements with solid content, which he has described as a challenging mission, given how sensitive the subject is.


The film, according to Darshan, is the first ‘original’ subject that producer Rockline Venkatesh has backed. In fact, when Tharun’s script was ready, it was Darshan who suggested he run it by Rockline, as the actor was committed to do a film with the banner. It didn’t take much to convince Rockline, and Tharun has been vocal that having a producer like him and a star like Darshan onboard made his job a lot easier.

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