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Disney+’s What If...? head writer quits Marvel’s hit animated show, says the studio pushed them to use ‘headliners’ – Everything about the twist

A.C. Bradley worked on two successful seasons of What If...?, with latest one ending two days ago. 

Disney+’s What If...? head writer quits Marvel’s hit animated show, says the studio pushed them to use ‘headliners’ – Everything about the twist
What If...? Poster

Last Updated: 12.45 PM, Jan 01, 2024


After an underwhelming 2023, Marvel Cinematic Universe ended the year on a high note with the release of What If...? Season 2. The show which premiered on December 22, ran for the next nine days with a new episode released each day. The show found an audience and soon the show started receiving rave reviews for the content. Fans have been happily fascinated by the possibilities that The Watcher presented this time around. The makers have even confirmed the third season. But turns out head writer A.C. Bradley has now quit the show and is no longer a part form the third season. 

What If...? Season 3

On the day season 2 of What If...? Ended, Marvel Studios was quick to share a new clip from season three that featured Winter Soldier and Red Guardian in casuals setting out on a road trip. The video depicts them encountering cops and trying to settle things but that doesn’t work and soon it breaks into a chase. There is no release date attached to the season as of yet. 

A.C. Bradley Quits What If...? Season 3

Soon after the last episode of Season 2 aired, head writer A.C. Bradley announced that she is no longer associated with the show or Marvel and will not be involved with the third season she wrote, "Last #WhatIf tweet! This ep is my absolute FAVORITE and marks my final What If script," Bradley wrote while sharing the new clip from the show's third season. "After season two, I made the decision to move on from Marvel. It's been a fun ride, but it's time for new adventures and mediums. All my love to the cast, crew, & fans!"

What Did A.C. Bradley Revealed

Fans have been enjoying What If...? season 2 to the maximum. They have been pointing out how the niche characters introduced this season have worked more than the popular ones. "With Season 1, there was a push to use the headliners, to do the Tony Stark episode, to do the Black Panther episode and Doctor Strange," Bradley shared as per ComicBook. 

"But with Season 2, we had a bit more freedom. At the end of the day, we're not writing the big blockbuster, 100-million-dollar movie. We're not even show running the live-action TV shows. We're the scrappy, little animation show slipping under the Marvel machine radar. So, it was really subconscious but I think we veered toward the scrappy characters in Season 2. We started with the second stringers, the undervalued and overlooked, like Nebula [Karen Gillan], Darcy [Kat Dennings], and Hela [Cate Blanchett]."

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