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Dream Scenario OTT release date in India - Here's when and where to watch Nicolas Cage's black comedy fantasy online

Premiering in April, Nicolas Cage stars in Dream Scenario, a nightmare turned reality.

Dream Scenario OTT release date in India - Here's when and where to watch Nicolas Cage's black comedy fantasy online
Nicholas Cage in Dream Scenario

Last Updated: 06.19 PM, Apr 02, 2024


Paul Matthews finds himself in a terrifying and precarious situation when his fantasies come true. Dream Scenario, starring Nicolas Cage, the Oscar-winning actor, turns a disturbed man's life upside down when he discovers that millions of random people are seeing him in their dreams. Everyone loves talking about him, so he's completely immersed in being a celebrity and enjoys it. As those fantasies become nightmares and the public becomes enraged, things swiftly deteriorate. Because his life can be on the line at any moment, he has to handle his dangerous circumstances with the utmost seriousness. 

The film, which will debut in India on April 19 exclusively on Lionsgate Play, promises to take viewers on an adventure like no other.


Nicolas Cage's approach to acting

For Nicolas Cage, in terms of the craft of acting, it wasn't so difficult when asked about his approach to the picture. Sitting down with the director, he proposed a few changes: a new hairstyle, nose, maybe even a higher voice, clothes, and movement. The script was ideal; it served as a guide. The actor simply referred to the script, so he had all his motions planned out. Cage rarely thought of anything and thought, "Let's try this." One of those rare instances, crazy marching in a little girl's bedroom, made it into the film. He imagined it would be both terrifying and funny. However, the actor remained faithful to the script, the writing was fantastic, and he had a fantastic director, so everything came together smoothly.

Dream Scenario shows how a poor family man's world comes crashing down when millions of random people begin dreaming about him. Paul finds himself embroiled in the whirlwind of fame as his midnight performances take a terrifying turn. 

Dream Scenario's cast and crew

The mesmerising film Dream Scenario, helmed by Kristoffer Borgli, features Julianne Nicholson, Jessica Clement, along with Nicolas Cage.

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