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Dune 3 in development, confirmed! What is Messiah, Jason Momoa’s return, release window; here’s an overview of Timothée Chalamet starrer

Dune Messiah or Dune 3 has been an anticipated movie even before the Part Two hit the big screen and Timothée Chalamet added fuel to it then. 

Dune 3 in development, confirmed! What is Messiah, Jason Momoa’s return, release window; here’s an overview of Timothée Chalamet starrer
Dune Messiah - A Complete Overview

Last Updated: 09.35 AM, Apr 05, 2024


One would have to be living under a rock if they hadn’t been touched by the mad storm caused by Dune: Part Two, aka Dune 2, a month ago. The movie that brought back Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya for a sequel was part two of a film that established this world and what it holds. Based on the book of the same name written in the 1960s, Dune went on to become a huge success in the first round and then in the second too. The box office, in a way, enables everything for a franchise, and there are no two ways about it. Similar is the case with Dune, as the third part titled Dune: Messiah has been greenlit by Legendary, who have now officially given Denis Villeneuve the wings to fly with Part Three.

Dune Messiah aka Dune 3 Confirmed In Development

Dune as a franchise was introduced to the audience amid the pandemic, which affected the collection of the movie as the dual-release format also affected it. But Dune: Part Two managed to earn $630.2 million so far at the worldwide box office, becoming the highest-grossing movie of 2024 so far. This indeed has made the studio understand the potential of the material and Denis Villeneuve, who has said he would only make Dune Messiah, aka Dune 3, if he gets the story right. But the filmmaker was always clear that he wanted to make a trilogy even before the first part was released.


So now as we get the confirmation that Dune Messiah is officially in development at Legendary, Warner Bros, it gives us hope and good news. The news comes from Deadline, who said in an announcement about Denis Villeneuve’s next, it was said that he will be making Nuclear War: A Scenario after he adapts Dune Messiah, aka Dune: Part Three. This was enough confirmation for fans to know that their favorite franchise is indeed moving towards a trilogy. But this is also not so surprising because who would not continue a franchise so massive?

But What Is Dune Messiah?

Dune: Part Two ended with the world accepting Paul Atreides as their Lisan al Gaib after he called for a Holy War and defeated the Emperor. He is now the Emperor and will rule this entire world. Part Two going away from the books also teased a grown-up version of his sister, who in the books was still unborn. Chani (Zendaya) left the hall in anger when Paul proposed marriage to the Emperor’s daughter Irulan played by Florence Pugh. However, according to the books, Chani becomes loyal to Lisan al Gaib after she comes back. The film though shows her going into oblivion, which means Denis Villeneuve might have some other plans.

So Dune Messiah, where Lisan al Gaib (a Freman term for a Messiah who comes from the other world) has risen and has taken over their world, will see him rule the same. But Messiah is mainly about the rise of a hero and watching him turn into a villain in his own story. The two key factors of the book are the conspiracy to kill Paul and eradicate his cursed view of his prescience, which has gotten him stuck in his own predictions of the future.

The book looks at the Lisan al Gaib with a lens that shows his fear of the same future that is enabled by him. The basic idea is how a mass is brainwashed to believe one thing regardless of understanding the toxicity of it all. The book ends with Paul turning blind and walking into the desert in oblivion. Chani dies during childbirth and gives birth to twins. The children are left with Irulan and Duncan Idaho by Paul.

Does Jason Momoa Return?

We know you read that in the line before. And yes, we didn’t commit a mistake. If Denis Villeneuve doesn’t make wild changes to the books, Duncan Idaho played by Jason Momoa returns to Dune for Messiah. He has a massive part to play in Dune Messiah, aka Dune: Part Three, as per the source text, and that makes his role even bigger than the first film. Even Timothée Chalamet has teased Momoa’s return in Dune: Messiah during promotions.

When Should We Expect Dune 3?

While the first two Dune films were released relatively closer. The release of the second film was delayed because of the strikes that happened last year and not due to production. That was also because the films were worked on together. But Dune Messiah is a completely different beast and a book. So there will be a long wait for Dune 3. Adding to it, Denis Villeneuve in one of his interviews has said that he would prefer making another movie before he gets back on the Arrakis saga. This means we shouldn’t be expecting the film before late 2026 or 2027 at least.

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