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Emily in Paris Season 4 - New destinations, new drama and 2 release dates revealed

Season 4 of Emily in Paris unveils exciting details as Lily Collins' Emily's next stop becomes Rome.

Emily in Paris Season 4 - New destinations, new drama and 2 release dates revealed
Lily Collins on the sets of Emily in Paris Season 4

Last Updated: 08.07 PM, May 03, 2024


In Season 4 of Emily in Paris, our beloved American travels to several new European locations, so it's high time that Emily Cooper updates her language-learning software. Additionally, two parts of the release will take place in August and September. Season 4 of Emily in Paris features Emily's jam-packed travel schedule, according to creator Darren Star. Viewers will be able to see wonderful new places through Emily's eyes, from the French Alps to Rome's piazzas. More romance, new characters, and a new language to learn are on the way.

Emily in Paris: Plot recap

Lily Collins' character Emily learns that Gabriel, her on-and-off flirt partner, neighbour, and chef, is expecting a child with his on-and-off girlfriend, Emily's friend Camille Razat, at the very end of Season 3. Fortunately, new details about the upcoming fourth season of the series have surfaced.


Collins and the rest of the cast announce the premiere dates of the first five episodes on August 15 and the rest of the season on September 12, respectively.

The cast includes Lucien Laviscount as Alfie, Lucien Arnold as Julien, Bruno Gouery as Luc, William Abadie as Antoine Lambert, Lucian Arnold as Mindy Chen, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie Grateau, Bravo as Gabriel, Razat as Camille, and Collins as Emily Cooper. 

Character dynamics and themes

In the special date announcement video, the cast lists the following adjectives to describe the season: "chaotic," "heartbreaking," "adventurous," "fashionable," and "revenge."

Emily is still in shock over the disastrous wedding of Camille and Gabriel. Even though she has strong affections for two men, Gabriel is ready to become a parent, and Alfie, Emily's ex-boyfriend from her time with the Viscount, has come to life with his worst concerns about her and Gabriel. Emily and Gabriel's chemistry is palpable as they strive for a Michelin star together, but two major secrets dash their dreams.

In Season 3, Star made it clear to Tudum that fate had betrayed Gabriel and Emily. They care deeply about each other. Despite the obstacles they face, the director gets the strangest feeling that their connection grows stronger with each passing season.

As the Agence Grateau team deals with personnel shakeups, Sylvie (Leroy-Beaulieu) faces a difficult decision from her past that could affect her marriage. Mindy (Park) and the band had to be frugal because they didn't have enough money to prepare for Eurovision.

Emily's Italian adventure

In a special video that premiered at Brazil's Tudum: A Global Fan Event, Collins assured fans that Season 4 will be just as exciting as Seasons one through three, and she revealed that her character will embark on an adventure in Italy.

There are some surprising turns in Emily's life this season, but her heart will never leave Paris, and her presence on a Roman vacation shouldn't come as a shock.

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