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End of AbhiZaadi? KhanZaadi unfollows Abhishek Kumar on Instagram

KhanZaadi had avoided Bigg Boss 17 parties with Abhishek Kumar too

End of AbhiZaadi? KhanZaadi unfollows Abhishek Kumar on Instagram
Abhishek Kumar carries KhanZaadi in his arms. (Image source: Instagram)

Last Updated: 06.14 PM, Feb 15, 2024


AbhiZaadi were among one of the duos from Bigg Boss 17 who had their own fan following. Abhishek Kumar and KhanZaadi shared some cute moments on the Salman Khan-hosted show and even after it, they remembered one another. However, it might be the end of the road for them. KhanZaadi aka Firoza Khan has just unfollowed Abhishek Kumar, thus hinting that they can never be friends again.

KhanZaadi unfollows Abhishek

After not making any public appearance around Abhishek Kumar, KhanZaadi has now even unfollowed him on Instagram. It is to be noted that KhanZaadi and Anurag Dobhal both gave all Bigg Boss 17 parties a miss. So, while fans would have hoped to see more of AbhiZaadi moments, that seems like a distant reality now.

Abhishek and KhanZaadi’s music videos out

Abhishek’s music video with Mannara Chopra was the first to release. AbhiNara fans got to see their chemistry in Saanware and some days into it, KhanZaadi released her music video. She worked with Anurag Dobhal on Rangreza. If AbhiZaadi fans thought they were next in line, maybe they just got out of that particular que.


AbhiZaadi moments

Back on Bigg Boss 17, Abhishek claimed to have moved on from Isha Malviya and he went ahead and shared some cute moment with KhanZaadi. The two avoided catching feelings, at least on the show. Abhishek did not stop flirting with KhanZaadi and told her that if he takes the relationship forward, he will take it all the way. Still unsure, KhanZaadi asked for time but would spend her time with Abhishek anyway. After her eviction, Abhishek missed KhanZaadi saying that if she had kept her feelings towards the show a secret, she might probably still be a contestant. Meanwhile, KhanZaadi wished him luck during her Instagram live. This gave AbhiZaadi fans hope but it all might be shattered now.

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