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Samarth Jurel hints at break-up with Isha Malviya on Valentine’s Day, is Abhishek Kumar confessing he still loves her?

Samarth Jurel appears to have taunted his supposed Valentine Isha Malviya and a day into it Abhishek Kumar hinted at still being in love with someone

Samarth Jurel hints at break-up with Isha Malviya on Valentine’s Day, is Abhishek Kumar confessing he still loves her?
Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar. (Courtesy: Colors TV)

Last Updated: 05.09 PM, Feb 15, 2024


Samarth Jurel hinted at his breakup with Isha Malviya on Valentine’s Day. He hinted that she is so busy that she started ignoring him. It is to be noted that the post comes days after Samarth’s love confession for Isha. Meanwhile, Abhishek Kumar shared an Instagram post a few hours back. He also seems to be dedicating his story to Isha, who Abhishek claimed to be still in love with.

What Samarth wrote

On Valentine’s Day, Samarth took to Instagram to taunt someone and most believe it was for Isha. He wrote that somebody is so busy with work that they can meet others and post things with them but not have time for their own people. “Anyways, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you,” a part of Samarth’s Instagram story read. He ended it with a read heart for his fans. This happens days after Samarth clarified that he is absolutely in love with Isha, putting all break-up rumours to rest.

Samarth Jurel
Samarth Jurel

Abhishek’s post

A day later, when the breakup rumours get rife, Abhishek seems to have hinted at his feelings towards Isha once again. He confessed still being in love and not wanting to lose the one he is in love with. “Per ab jab mai tujhe nahi chahiye, meri awaaz reh rahi hai dabbi si,” he wrote. It is to be noted that Abhishek had often confessed still being in love with Isha and he wanted her back in his life. The actor actually had two contrasting opinions – one where he said that he has moved on from Isha long back, and the other where he said he cannot help but fall in love when he sees Isha. Now whether this post is hinted towards Isha or towards KhanZaadi aka Firoza Khan (who unfollowed him on Instagram recently), remains a mystery.

Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek-Isha-Samarth on Bigg Boss 17

Abhishek and Isha had entered Bigg Boss 17 together. They got the hint that is what could happen. Abhishek asked Isha to take care of him and she promised to do exactly that. Just when the two were getting close again on the show, Samarth Jurel made an entry as Isha’s boyfriend. She refused to accept him as a boyfriend for at least half a day. Some fights after, Samarth and Isha always got back together. They were constantly seen picking a fight with Abhishek, who claims he was hospitalized and taking treatment after Isha left him. Abhishek would find an excuse to talk to Isha, which did not sit well with Samarth after a point. Samarth and Isha were also accused of trying to instigate Abhishek, who eventually became the first runner-up of the show.

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