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Exclusive - Thanks to HanuMan's success, budget of Teja Sajja's next doubled | Here's what we know

Post the success of HanuMan, Teja Sajja has hiked his fee. The young actor's next will be made on a solid budget. Read to know more. 

Exclusive - Thanks to HanuMan's success, budget of Teja Sajja's next doubled | Here's what we know

Teja Sajja

Last Updated: 03.08 PM, Feb 18, 2024


Prasanth Varma's HanuMan has grossed Rs 300 crore and is still going strong in several areas of Telugu states. The Teja Sajja starrer is still seeing housefuls on the weekends which is a great sight for a low-budget Telugu film. Teja Sajja has become a popular name and we at OTTplay have already reported that he has hiked his fee post the release of HanuMan.

It is also a known fact that Teja has locked his new film and it will be directed by Karthik Ghattamaneni, who last made Eagle with Ravi Teja recently. The film is an action drama and will be produced by People Media Factory. The shooting of the film also started but the makers have halted it as the project is getting a new facelift.

Director Karthik Ghattamaneni
Director Karthik Ghattamaneni

As per the sources, the makers have doubled the budget of this film. So far, the film was being made on a budget of Rs 15 crore but seeing the success of HanuMan, the producer, Vishwa Prasad has decided to pump more money into this film. So, Teja's new film will be now made on a budget of Rs 30 crore which is pretty impressive.

Eagle did not meet the expectations but director Karthik was praised for showcasing Ravi Teja in a new way. He has a lot of pressure to deliver with this Teja Sajja film. Some popular actors will be playing key roles in this film and the hunt for the heroine is currently on by the makers. The producers will have a grand event and announce the film in March as per the news.

Teja Sajja started his career as a child artist and has done close to 50 films. He made his debut as a hero with Zombie Reddy which was also a big hit. He is now carefully selecting his films in Telugu and has also a few offers from Tamil cinema.

Teja will also start shooting for the sequel of HanuMan very soon. Prasanth Varma directs this film which will have a popular star in the role of HanuMan. For now, Teja is going great guns in his career and we need to see how he handles his career from now on. Watch this space for more updates on this project.

Producer Vishwa Prasad
Producer Vishwa Prasad
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